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Jimmy Fallon’s Throwback Thursday: Real People, Fake Arms With Seth Rogen

When Seth Rogen is involved in a sketch, you kind of have to expect marijuana to be involved and SURPRISE this sketch takes place at a marijuana dispensary. This is part one of a two part sketch, so will part two be featured next week? Yes. The answer is yes.

– Ryan

Here’s the Best Version of ‘Fancy’ You’ll Ever Hear Courtesy of Jimmy Fallon, Crosby, Stills & Nash

I think my new favorite thing is having music legends come on The Tonight Show and sing newer pop songs. Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen did it with ‘Whip My Hair’ and now he brought in the legendary trio of Crosby, Still & Nash for ‘Fancy’. If late night TV ever fails Jimmy Fallon, he could absolutely go on the road as a Neil Young impersonator. Uncanny.

– Ryan

P.S. David Crosby is still the craziest looking person in the world.

Jimmy Fallon’s Throwback Thursday: Alec Baldwin’s 80s Cop Parody

A few things here: Alec Baldwin is an extremely believable cop, and it takes Jimmy Fallon 20 seconds to break character. Enjoy.

– Ryan

Jimmy Fallons’ Throwback Thursday – “Full House Reunion”

This skit is from one of Jimmy Fallon’s final “Late Night” shows, where the guys from Full House (Saget, Stamos, Joey) show up and help him make his decision to take over The Tonight Show. Two takeaways: John Stamos ages like a fine wine and Jimmy Fallon’s make believe bedroom is what nightmares are made of.

– Ryan

Monster Blog Wednesday: Best Jimmy Fallon Skits

It’s no longer a contest: Jimmy Fallon owns the sketch portion of late night TV. I still prefer Conan in the monologue, but whether it was Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or The Tonight Show, Fallon consistently delivers funny and creative skits. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Evolution of Dad Dancing – Late Night

Kind of an under the radar skit back from Fallon’s Late Night days. I think I like this skit so much because this is 100% how I dance at the bar. I get a couple of drinks in me and I’m out on the dance floor makings things happen. I gotta say Jimmy Fallon absolutely nails all of these moves. I usually start off with the simple “clap when you want to” which immediately turns into the “clap and shake” which lasts the rest of the night. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, it is not very impressive, but it’s all I got.

– Ryan

Real People Fake Arms – Late Night

Real people, fake arms, is gold for two reasons: Jimmy Fallon and Steve Carell. I don’t think it is physically possible for Jimmy Fallon to keep a straight face during a skit, and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Carell, always professional, and Fallon always laughing. I bet by now you are probably screaming at the computer screen, “what about JUSTIN?!” Come on people, do I really need to point out how awesome JT can be in a comedy sketch? Does a dog need to be taught how to bury a bone? Does a bird need to be reminded how to fly? Does Bill Paxton need to prove he discovered the Titanic? No, the answer is no.


Bill Murray Stopped By David Letterman’s Show And Now I Want Him to Be a Late Night Guest Every Night

Bill Murray is like the opposite of that selfie song. When I hear that song I hate selfes, but when Bill Murray takes one I can’t help but think its the coolest thing in the world. That’s power. Also, how much of a power couple would Lady Gaga and Bill Murray be? She dresses like an animal and blows people away with her voice and he walks around cracking jokes, stealing peoples French fries and making everybody’s day. The more I think about it the more I’d be on board for a variety show. I basically want any way to get Bill Murray on my TV 7 times a week. If I ran a TV station that would be my first order of duty: pay Bill Murray whatever he wants and let him have his own show. Ratings juggernaut.

– Ryan

I Need to Go to This Fake George Clooney Party

How long have I’ve been saying I want to go to one of Clooney’s parties? Years, that’s how long. It’s the only dream I have left. To hang out with George at one of his fancy parties and become best friend bachelors forever and ever and ever. I’m going to Italy in 6 days and one of my stops just so happens to be Lake Como. The same Lake Como where Clooney has a house. Not even the Italian Guard (?) can stop me now. Although this invitation is fake, Clooney ABSOLUTELY has pool parties with just his famous friends and the 30 hottest women on the planet. I know it for a fact. That’s just how he rolls. Game. Set. Clooney.

– Ryan

Badass of the Week: Seth Meyers {@sethmeyers}


I know what your all thinking: Ryan your so handsome and smart and thoughtful, but is Seth Meyers really a badass? Well that all depends on how you define the word. Let me make the case and then you can decide.

Seth Meyers has been in comedy his whole life. He started off as a member of the improv group Here Comes Treble (just kidding) at Northwestern and just completed his first week as host of Late Night with Seth Meyers. While those individual accomplishments alone may not qualify him to be badass, what happened in between definitely does.

Meyers cut his teeth as an improv comic, and eventually joined the greatest sketch comedy group in the world, Saturday Night Live, in 2001. Meyers never caught on as a full blown sketch comic, but his talent, comedic writing, was always on full display. Meyers eventually stopped appearing in sketches and became one of the head writers in 2006; that same year he became co anchor of SNL’s cornerstone segment, Weekend Update. Meyers and Amy Poehler were two of the best anchors on Weekend Update, as they mixed their remarkable chemistry and witty banter to create a must see segment every week. When Poehler left the show in 2008, Meyers stayed on as the lone anchor and continued his head writing duties. He left the show last month, after co anchoring Update with newcomer Cecily Strong for all of this season. During his SNL tenure, Meyers won three Writers Guild of America awards and was nominated for eight Emmys, including a win in 2011.

Meyers next adventure started this week, as he took over for Jimmy Fallon as host of Late Night. Though we’ve only had a week of material to judge him on, its clear Meyers strengths will be his interviews. Unlike Fallon, he doesn’t mind playing the straight man, leaving his guests to embrace the spotlight, something I’m sure most celebrities will have no problem doing.

Is Seth Meyers a badass? You bet your sweet ass he is. He’s made a living out of making other people laugh, whether it be on stage or through his writing. I salute you, Seth Meyers. Here’s to the next chapter.

– Ryan


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