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Jimmy Fallon’s Throwback Thursday: Real People, Fake Arms With Seth Rogen

When Seth Rogen is involved in a sketch, you kind of have to expect marijuana to be involved and SURPRISE this sketch takes place at a marijuana dispensary. This is part one of a two part sketch, so will part two be featured next week? Yes. The answer is yes.

– Ryan

To All Those Who Think the WWE is Fake…

Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t want my back to look like that. Roman Reigns got the shit beat out of him with a Singapore cane Sunday night and then a steel chair last night. Just another day at the office. SO FAKE.


Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Getting High and Reviewing Game of Thrones is My New Favorite Thing

Game of Thrones wasn’t new this week (damn you HBO) so we’ll have to settle for Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg intellectually dissecting the plot of everybody’s favorite medieval drama. I think I just reached my big word quota for the week.

– Ryan

P.S. I love how Snoop Dogg calls Tyrion “Peter”. There’s a 100% chance he doesn’t know any of the characters names.

The Workaholics Bro’s + Zac Efron + Seth Rogen = The Most Delicious Comedy Pie

I have a theory that Zac Efron is the luckiest “comedy” guy in the world today. Not only does he get to star in Funny or Die videos with some of the funniest people in the world, but he’s also paired opposite Seth Rogen in the new movie Neighbors. I saw the movie at SXSW about a month ago, and you can replace any guy with a pretty face for Efron and the movie wouldn’t suffer a bit. Since the Workaholics guys make a cameo in the movie, it looks like the Neighbors crew is doing a bit of cross promotion with Blake, Anders and Adam. They play the usual “Zac’s handsome, Seth’s not” card, but the Workaholics crew make it work. Ders demanding a lap dance from Zac and the “that was a great dick” chant were the highlights for me. Everything is coming up Efron.

– Ryan

I Need to Go to This Fake George Clooney Party

How long have I’ve been saying I want to go to one of Clooney’s parties? Years, that’s how long. It’s the only dream I have left. To hang out with George at one of his fancy parties and become best friend bachelors forever and ever and ever. I’m going to Italy in 6 days and one of my stops just so happens to be Lake Como. The same Lake Como where Clooney has a house. Not even the Italian Guard (?) can stop me now. Although this invitation is fake, Clooney ABSOLUTELY has pool parties with just his famous friends and the 30 hottest women on the planet. I know it for a fact. That’s just how he rolls. Game. Set. Clooney.

– Ryan

Badass of the Week: Seth Meyers {@sethmeyers}


I know what your all thinking: Ryan your so handsome and smart and thoughtful, but is Seth Meyers really a badass? Well that all depends on how you define the word. Let me make the case and then you can decide.

Seth Meyers has been in comedy his whole life. He started off as a member of the improv group Here Comes Treble (just kidding) at Northwestern and just completed his first week as host of Late Night with Seth Meyers. While those individual accomplishments alone may not qualify him to be badass, what happened in between definitely does.

Meyers cut his teeth as an improv comic, and eventually joined the greatest sketch comedy group in the world, Saturday Night Live, in 2001. Meyers never caught on as a full blown sketch comic, but his talent, comedic writing, was always on full display. Meyers eventually stopped appearing in sketches and became one of the head writers in 2006; that same year he became co anchor of SNL’s cornerstone segment, Weekend Update. Meyers and Amy Poehler were two of the best anchors on Weekend Update, as they mixed their remarkable chemistry and witty banter to create a must see segment every week. When Poehler left the show in 2008, Meyers stayed on as the lone anchor and continued his head writing duties. He left the show last month, after co anchoring Update with newcomer Cecily Strong for all of this season. During his SNL tenure, Meyers won three Writers Guild of America awards and was nominated for eight Emmys, including a win in 2011.

Meyers next adventure started this week, as he took over for Jimmy Fallon as host of Late Night. Though we’ve only had a week of material to judge him on, its clear Meyers strengths will be his interviews. Unlike Fallon, he doesn’t mind playing the straight man, leaving his guests to embrace the spotlight, something I’m sure most celebrities will have no problem doing.

Is Seth Meyers a badass? You bet your sweet ass he is. He’s made a living out of making other people laugh, whether it be on stage or through his writing. I salute you, Seth Meyers. Here’s to the next chapter.

– Ryan


Kanye West Looked As Snug as a Pig in a Blanket on Late Night With Seth Meyers

This is all the proof you need to know that Seth Meyers is going to be a great Late Night host. He may not have the charisma of Jimmy Fallon or the chin of Jay Leno, but the guy can conduct an interview with just about anyone. Did you see his interview with Amy Poehler Monday night? Not only was it funny, but the style of the interview reminded me of a conversation that me and my friends have all the time. Granted Poehler and Meyers are best friends and have great chemistry, but the conversation was so casual and entertaining to watch. It didn’t feel like you were watching a host interview a guest, it felt like you had the inside scoop on two friends shooting the breeze.

Back to Kanye. Have you ever seen Kanye look this comfortable on a talk show set? Ever? I have to give almost all of the credit to Seth Meyers here. He has the ability to make anyone who comes on set, whether it be his best friend or a famously bad interviewer, feel comfortable. Talking about being a dad, showing old SNL sketches; this is easily my favorite Kanye interview of all time. He’s never seemed like “just another guy” to me, but this interview is helping to change that perception. He’s still bat shit crazy, but it’s nice to see this side of him. The only thing left to do is for the Late Night YouTube page to put up his musical performance from last night. Neeeeeed it.

– Ryan

I Want to Hang This Picture on My Wall and Stare At It Forever


Just Seth Meyers and the greatest basketball player of all time chatting it up. I wonder what they talked about? Probably about how Dirk is going to be a guest on Late Night every day until the end of time and how they can’t wait to listen to ‘Endless Love’ like all best friends do at one point or another. My beautiful boys all grown up.

– Ryan

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