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Rhode Island Congressman, David Cicilline, refernces #StrangerThings in his floor speech

Someone’s a big fan of Stranger Things! I love myself a good analogy, and this right here, this wonderful pop cultural reference, is as good as gets. Not only did he get to compare all facets of Trump’s administration to the upside down, but he goes and drops a “coffee and contemplation” quote right on our dome pieces! Wonderful! Glorious! Regardless of your political affiliation, or the size of the stick up your ass, you have to like this.


PS – Where do I buy a “Trump Things” crewneck sweatshirt? Need it.



Badass of the Week – Freddie Mercury



When we started these “Badass of the week” posts I clearly stated that the person did not need to be relevant that particular week, or even alive. My pick happens to be both, and yet he is still my Badass of the Week, and that’s badass. Freddie Mercury had it all, the rock star look, the mustache, the voice, and an all-time great band behind him, queen. I have always said if I could sing like anyone in the history of the world I would sing like Freddie. This guy had a vocal range that couldn’t be touched and an energy that couldn’t be replicated. He could serenade you to sleep (It’s a Hard Life ) or rock your socks off (Bohemian Rhapsody). I have never seen Freddie Mercury live because sadly his life was cut far to short, but I have seen videos of his live performances, and they’re amazing. Freddie Mercury is my, vocally superior, badass of the week.


Badass of the Week: Vincent Kennedy McMahon


It’s not really fair to pick Vince McMahon for “Badass of the WEEK”, because in reality Vince is Badass of the century, maybe millennium. Laying in my bed last night I tried to come up with how I was going to tackle the feat of fitting all of Vince’s Badassery into one blog post. In all honesty it’s impossible, so I found some pictures to help tell the story.

tumblr_m7jcokn6p11rxzb6jo1_128011_vince_mcmahon_milestone_01 Vince-McMahon vince-mcmahon-1

Father, grandfather, devoted husband, billionaire, philanthropist, professional wrestler, CEO, sports entertainment visionary, marketing genius, and television pioneer are only a fraction of the things that describe Vinnie Mac. On the eve of Vince’s baby, Wrestlemania, lets all sit back and remember who made professional wrestling what it is today. Who took small territories and raised them up to the world stage? Who created the longest running episodic television show in history? Who created a billion dollar industry while at the same time giving back every step of the way? Vince did all that PLUS more.

No matter what happens week to week in WWE my friends and I always remind ourselves one thing: “In Vince we trust”.

Vince McMahon is a badass.


Badass of the Week: Neil deGrasse Tyson


Neil deGrasse Tyson: American astrophysicist, author, science communicator, AND television show host to one of the best things i’ve watched in my lifetime, Cosmos. For those of you that don’t know I am a huge science nerd, in particular anything that has to do with space exploration. Naturally, people like Dr. Tyson have caught my attention when it comes to this kind of stuff. His new show, Cosmos, is a remake/extension of the 1980’s show with the same title hosted by the great Carl Sagan. The show is absolutely amazing. The content, visuals, and sounds are the perfect combination of mediums to help a wide range of people understand the content. That and the voice over by Tyson has created some of the most enthralling TV I have ever watched. I can’t look away!

Cheers to you, Dr. Tyson.


Can’t wait for the other 11 episodes to air.


Badass of the Week: Seth Meyers {@sethmeyers}


I know what your all thinking: Ryan your so handsome and smart and thoughtful, but is Seth Meyers really a badass? Well that all depends on how you define the word. Let me make the case and then you can decide.

Seth Meyers has been in comedy his whole life. He started off as a member of the improv group Here Comes Treble (just kidding) at Northwestern and just completed his first week as host of Late Night with Seth Meyers. While those individual accomplishments alone may not qualify him to be badass, what happened in between definitely does.

Meyers cut his teeth as an improv comic, and eventually joined the greatest sketch comedy group in the world, Saturday Night Live, in 2001. Meyers never caught on as a full blown sketch comic, but his talent, comedic writing, was always on full display. Meyers eventually stopped appearing in sketches and became one of the head writers in 2006; that same year he became co anchor of SNL’s cornerstone segment, Weekend Update. Meyers and Amy Poehler were two of the best anchors on Weekend Update, as they mixed their remarkable chemistry and witty banter to create a must see segment every week. When Poehler left the show in 2008, Meyers stayed on as the lone anchor and continued his head writing duties. He left the show last month, after co anchoring Update with newcomer Cecily Strong for all of this season. During his SNL tenure, Meyers won three Writers Guild of America awards and was nominated for eight Emmys, including a win in 2011.

Meyers next adventure started this week, as he took over for Jimmy Fallon as host of Late Night. Though we’ve only had a week of material to judge him on, its clear Meyers strengths will be his interviews. Unlike Fallon, he doesn’t mind playing the straight man, leaving his guests to embrace the spotlight, something I’m sure most celebrities will have no problem doing.

Is Seth Meyers a badass? You bet your sweet ass he is. He’s made a living out of making other people laugh, whether it be on stage or through his writing. I salute you, Seth Meyers. Here’s to the next chapter.

– Ryan


Badass of the Week – Neil Armstrong

Brand new to is “Badass of the Week”. It’s simple, every week we pick someone (past or present) and give them the prestigious honor of gracing our webpages as Badass of the Week. Look for it every Thursday.

Neil Armstrong

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