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Jimmy Fallon’s Throwback Thursday: Alec Baldwin’s 80s Cop Parody

A few things here: Alec Baldwin is an extremely believable cop, and it takes Jimmy Fallon 20 seconds to break character. Enjoy.

– Ryan

Reason #4.536 Why Jimmy Fallon is the Man: 80’s Cops with Alec Baldwin

If this is what happens when SNL alums get their own talk show, then count me as the #1 fan for Seth Myers new show. Jimmy Fallon is as versatile as they come, and now he’s bringing paparazzi killer Alec Baldwin in on the fun. Simple concept, but they both knock it out of the park here. You just know Fallon has a million more sketch ideas like this, and he gets the best celebrity guests on late night TV. Since NBC is looking for the next breakout comedy show, why not give Fallon a half hour a week to get some of these sketches on the air? I know at least 6 people that would watch that.

– Ryan

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