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After WWE Battleground, the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Is…


Just kidding. The champ is still here.

– Ryan

Sting Has Finally Come to the WWE…2K15 Video Game

It’s better than nothing, right?  RIGHT? When Sting tweeted 7.14.14 last week everyone got in an uproar that he’d be debuting on Raw and yada, yada, yada. The fact is he’s in his mid 50’s, and if he’s ever going to wrestle in the WWE it’ll probably be a short program from the Royal Rumble to WrestleMania, where he officially retires. Other than that, I’m not interested in him stealing the spotlight from an Ambrose, Rollins, Cesaro, Wyatt character. His impact on the business is set in stone, and a WWE run isn’t going to change anything. I’m glad he’s in the new video game, and I’m glad he’s finally signed with WWE, but let’s leave it at that. I will say it was awesome when the entire orchestra turned around and they all were all wearing Sting face paint. And if he comes back with a bat and beats the shit out of John Cena, all bets are off.

– Ryan

Fired From New York, It’s Saturday Night Live: Farewell Brooks Wheelan

The first of what I’m assuming many pegs to fall during SNL’s offseason is Brooks Wheelan. He was the most logical choice to go since he was in very few sketches which really contributed to him not leaving much of an impression on the SNL audience. SNL has always been better with a smaller cast, as it gives the featured players more of a chance to shine, so Brooks and the rest of the roster cuts should be viewed as a positive. Plus, it’s never bad for an aspiring comedian or comedy actor to have a year of SNL under his/her belt. At least he’ll always have his favorite moments:

– Ryan

Jimmy Fallon’s Throwback Thursday: Real People, Fake Arms With Seth Rogen

When Seth Rogen is involved in a sketch, you kind of have to expect marijuana to be involved and SURPRISE this sketch takes place at a marijuana dispensary. This is part one of a two part sketch, so will part two be featured next week? Yes. The answer is yes.

– Ryan

Here’s the Best Version of ‘Fancy’ You’ll Ever Hear Courtesy of Jimmy Fallon, Crosby, Stills & Nash

I think my new favorite thing is having music legends come on The Tonight Show and sing newer pop songs. Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen did it with ‘Whip My Hair’ and now he brought in the legendary trio of Crosby, Still & Nash for ‘Fancy’. If late night TV ever fails Jimmy Fallon, he could absolutely go on the road as a Neil Young impersonator. Uncanny.

– Ryan

P.S. David Crosby is still the craziest looking person in the world.

Jimmy Fallon’s Throwback Thursday: Alec Baldwin’s 80s Cop Parody

A few things here: Alec Baldwin is an extremely believable cop, and it takes Jimmy Fallon 20 seconds to break character. Enjoy.

– Ryan

Jimmy Fallons’ Throwback Thursday – “Full House Reunion”

This skit is from one of Jimmy Fallon’s final “Late Night” shows, where the guys from Full House (Saget, Stamos, Joey) show up and help him make his decision to take over The Tonight Show. Two takeaways: John Stamos ages like a fine wine and Jimmy Fallon’s make believe bedroom is what nightmares are made of.

– Ryan

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan’s New Entrance Theme is Perfectly Creepy

One of the highlights of Raw last night was Harper and Rowan continuing to branch out on their own, this time coming to the ring with their own entrance theme. The song reminds me of a really creepy carnival tune, except instead of a couple of clowns coming out from behind the curtain, two monsters with beards appear ready to rip your face off. The Uso’s are awesome, but Bray and the Wyatt family are far and away the most interesting characters in the WWE right now, so I’ll be rooting for them to steal the tag team titles live in Boston this Sunday.

– Ryan

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