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Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Danced To ‘Single Ladies’ At The US Open Because They’re The Best

Jimmy Fallon & Justine Timberlake attended the US Open last night because they’re best buds, and proved they’re just like us when they couldn’t resist breaking out a few dance movies by Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ starting playing. The song is a jam, and this isn’t JT’s first foray into impersonating queen Beyoncé. Insert awesome SNL skit:


This Dad’s Dance Moves Are Absolutely Off The Charts

This guy breaks it down like very few have broke it down before. The only concerning thing is that there doesn’t appear to be a kid anywhere around him. Hopefully he didn’t go to this concert by himself, because that’s a little odd. But giving him the benefit of the doubt, he probably brought his daughter to this concert and just decided to dance his dick off. Good for him. My only critique: lose the twirl.


– Ryan

Jean-Claude Van Damme Busted Out His ‘Kickboxer’ Dance Moves On Conan

If you’ve never seen ‘Kickboxer’, it’s one of those glorious 80s action movies that get better with age. The basic plot is that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s brother get’s paralyzed by a Thailand kickboxing champion and the Muscles from Brussels must AVENGE HIM. It’s awesome, and Van Damme is a machine in this movie. There’s also a weird dancing scene in the bar that makes no sense but at the same time makes all the sense in the world. Van Damme dances with a couple ladies and does a split, which enrages a bar patron and forces him to make the greatest mistake of his life. Van Damme beats up the guy while still doing a split and my eyes explode with joy. Van Damme was recently on Conan, and the Muscles from Boston got Jean-Claude to recreate that famous dance scene, including the part where he beats up the bar patrons. He doesn’t recreate the split, but it’s still wonderful. I also think I subconsciously stole my dance moves from this scene, because while he was dancing I thought to myself “this looks AWFULLY familiar”.

– Ryan

JJ Watt Is Now My Sworn Enemy

Well I’m officially off the JJ Watt bandwagon. After my poor Mavericks and my sweet Dirk Nowitzki lost game 2 last night, JJ Watt decided to literally dance on their graves and twerk or whatever on the court. I’m all for players who play in a certain city rooting for other sporting teams in that city, but this is too far. Nobody dances on Dirk’s grave. JJ is just lucky Dirk didn’t see this or he would’ve demolished him on live TV. What’s JJ, 6’5 275? Dirk takes bigger shits than that. Unfortunately for Watt, he’s now my sworn enemy and I’m going to put the wrath of the Ryan Stink all over him. The one thing JJ Watt doesn’t want is for all my bad luck juju to follow him around this season, but after his cowardly display, I have no choice. Best of luck in hell, JJ Watt.

– Ryan

Rob Gronkowski Putting Jumbotrons Everywhere on Notice

This guy cannot be stopped. Lets hope he makes it to next season in one piece.


Your Friday Gifs – Dancing Edition






Monster Blog Wednesday: Best Jimmy Fallon Skits

It’s no longer a contest: Jimmy Fallon owns the sketch portion of late night TV. I still prefer Conan in the monologue, but whether it was Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or The Tonight Show, Fallon consistently delivers funny and creative skits. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Evolution of Dad Dancing – Late Night

Kind of an under the radar skit back from Fallon’s Late Night days. I think I like this skit so much because this is 100% how I dance at the bar. I get a couple of drinks in me and I’m out on the dance floor makings things happen. I gotta say Jimmy Fallon absolutely nails all of these moves. I usually start off with the simple “clap when you want to” which immediately turns into the “clap and shake” which lasts the rest of the night. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, it is not very impressive, but it’s all I got.

– Ryan

Real People Fake Arms – Late Night

Real people, fake arms, is gold for two reasons: Jimmy Fallon and Steve Carell. I don’t think it is physically possible for Jimmy Fallon to keep a straight face during a skit, and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Carell, always professional, and Fallon always laughing. I bet by now you are probably screaming at the computer screen, “what about JUSTIN?!” Come on people, do I really need to point out how awesome JT can be in a comedy sketch? Does a dog need to be taught how to bury a bone? Does a bird need to be reminded how to fly? Does Bill Paxton need to prove he discovered the Titanic? No, the answer is no.


It’s Friday and I Feel Like Dancing. Cue the Music!