Watch “Stutterer” – The Short that Won an Oscar, but was Rejected by Sundance.

Stutterer doesn’t look or feel like a first film. Its confident direction, from bold voiceover to distinct visual style, belies the fact that it was director Benjamin Cleary‘s first time behind the camera.

Fortunately, these attributes were not lost on the Academy. This year, the short film Cleary subletted his apartment to fund won an Oscar for Best Short Film at the 88th Academy Awards.(Via No Film School)

(Spoilers ahead) What an amazingly emotional film. You can feel the frustration as his inner voice begs to break the chains from its captor. Come to find out what holds him captive is what eventually will set him free. Meeting El and finding out their both just two pieces of a puzzle sends a wave of relief rushing over him that I don’t think I will ever feel. Working in a job that makes him press letters, being unable to help someone in distress, and trying spit a bit a philosophy to a friend are all things that torture his soul. You can see it in his eyes. Meeting El, someone who with he can finally communicate with, is the perfect ending to this wonderful story. Bravo, Mr. Cleary. I look forward to more from you.


PS – This was shot for 5k over 3 days.



Former Rhode Island College Wrestler & Current WWE Performance Center Talent Terrance Jean-Jacques Has Been Arrested

WWE A former Haverhill High wrestling great on the verge of becoming a professional wrestler is facing several criminal charges.

Terrance Jean-Jacques, 24, of 40 Locke St., who signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in April, was arrested Sunday and arraigned Wednesday on charges of assault and battery, kidnapping, witness intimidation, destruction of property and threatening to commit a crime.

He is alleged to have hit his pregnant girlfriend Jillian Gilman, who appeared in Haverhill District Court with Jean-Jacques’ parents, Teresa and Ernest.

 Judge Stephen Abany ordered Jean-Jacques held without bail at Middleton jail pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

A decorated wrestler at the University of Iowa and later at Rhode Island College, Jean-Jacques appeared to be on the verge of tears as he stood in the courtroom before the judge Wednesday, a maroon Rhode Island College shirt adorning his chiseled 6 foot-3 inch, 250-pound frame.

This story is both sad and troubling, and is noteworthy for a few reasons. Terrence Jean-Jacques used to wrestle right up the road at Rhode Island College and he’s currently signed to a developmental deal with WWE. Both of those things aren’t important though, because he’s currently in jail on multiple charges, including hitting his pregnant girlfriend. Hitting a woman should never be tolerated, but it’s especially awful when you find out that the woman is not only his girlfriend, but she’s also pregnant. It’s a bad story all around, and Jean-Jacques has been indefinitely suspended by the WWE. That seems like a ‘wait and see’ approach by the WWE, because if the facts in this case are correct, he’ll almost certainly be released.


The Future of Nintendo is here – Nintendo Switch


WOW. WOW. WOW. Nintendo straight up redefining the home console game with this one. A home console, that can be taken with you on the go, that takes cartridges AND that boasts a convertible controller for a multitude of applications. Nintendo is usually the king of cool gimmicks, but the Switch seems completely practical. No forcing you use motion controls. No forcing you to only use a giant touch screen controller. It looks like they took the last ten years of Nintendo tech and refined it into this cool little package.

The most fascinating part of the trailer shows e-sports players practicing Splatoon in a stadium hallway, before taking their consoles to the show floor for a competitive event. The implications of a portable console catering to e-sports are huge, and show a forward-thinking application for the hardware. (Via The Verge)

More details to come.

What do you think?



Trailer Alert – LOGAN

What a hell of a way to greet this wonderful Thursday. I woke up expecting news to be buzzing about the new Nintendo NX console, meanwhile the peeps over at Marvel pull a fast one and drop this nuke right on my dome piece. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. This is no normal superhero movie. Wolverine’s last stand is promised to grittier and darker than anything we’ve seen in X-men, or any other superhero, movies. Yeah, Deadpool was rated R and that was an awesome flick. I have a feeling this is going to be rated R for a whole other set of reasons. Get out the freeze chamber and put me into hyper sleep until March 3*.

*But please wake me for Rogue One. Then put me back to sleep.


Trailer Alert – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The gang is back! This time its Groot who rides on Rocket’s shoulders as opposed to the other way around. Give me more! But not too much more, but more than this. Also, MondoTees, get me a poster STAT.


My Favorite Sketch From Lin Manuel-Miranda’s #SNL: Stranger Things

If you happen to be that one person who thought it was cool to not binge watch Stranger Things over the summer, you won’t understand this sketch, but for everyone else in the world, I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. This was one of those sketches that was perfectly cast, from Lucas’s parents (Kenan, Leslie Jones) to Dustin (Lin Manuel-Miranda) to Joyce (newcomer Melissa Villasenor) and finally Eleven (Kate McKinnon). I think it works so well because if you put yourself in the shoes of a parent in this situation, you’d react the same way. It’s one thing for kids to have an active imagination, but it’s another to have them actively seeking out demagogues when they’re only adult supervision is the Christmas light obsessed mother of a missing boy. This sketch worked on every level, and SNL is off to it’s best start in quite some time after two solid shows. This Saturday, the wonderful Emily Blunt hosts with Bruno Mars as the musical guest.


Trailer Alert – *NEW* Rogue One Trailer

We are about 2 months away from the premiere and I can barely contain my erection. The visuals of this Star Wars flick is something like we’ve never seen before. It’s dark and bright all at the same time, it’s got power and passion oozing out of its characters and its all wrapped up in a nice bow made of nostalgia. Ask for more, you can not.


SNL Is Pulling Out The Big Guns As Emily Blunt & Tom By God Hanks Will Host The Next Two Episodes


Margot Robbie’s season premiere couldn’t have gone any better, both from a performance and ratings standpoint. With Broadway star Lin Manuel-Miranda ready to host tomorrow night’s show, SNL decided to leak out the final two hosts of October, and boy are they wonderful. Next week we’ll see Emily Blunt and Bruno Mars, which is a killer combination. Emily Blunt will most likely fall into the Margot Robbie category: a very talented actress who doesn’t mind being silly, which usually makes for the best kind of hosts. Bruno Mars is a former host in his own right, so hopefully he steps into a sketch or two as well. Following that is Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga. Tom Hanks is his own category completely, and I can’t think of enough complimentary words to type to describe how great he’s going to be. This is his first hosting stint since 2006 (his 9th overall), so he’s got 10 years worth of charm to bestow upon us. Gaga, like Bruno Mars, has hosted the show before, but October 22nd belongs to Tom Hanks. Don’t you dare think otherwise.


My Favorite Sketch From Margot Robbie’s #SNL: Presidential Debate

Margot Robbie hosted the season premiere of SNL on Saturday night, and overall it was a great show. We got our first pre-taped sketch of the season, the bizarrely funny ‘The Librarian’. We also got our first Family Feud sketch, and what I hope is the first of many David Ortiz spots on Weekend Update.

SNL struggled to satirize what is happening in politics last season, and I think a lot of that has to do with just how insane our current political landscape is. Donald Trump is one of two people who have the chance to become the President of the United States. How are you supposed to get any crazier than that? The biggest change coming into season 42 was the man playing Trump, as SNL switched from former cast member and current MC Darrell Hammond to Alec Baldwin. I’d never seen or heard Baldwin do a Trump impression before, but any fears I had that he wouldn’t deliver were erased right away. He nailed the voice and the mannerisms of the Donald, and I cant wait to see what else he brings to the table as the season goes on. Emmy winner Kate McKinnon was brilliant as usual as Clinton, and the extended cold open set the stage for a really fun season premiere. Next week, Lin-Manuel Miranda takes the stage.