Rhode Island Congressman, David Cicilline, refernces #StrangerThings in his floor speech

Someone’s a big fan of Stranger Things! I love myself a good analogy, and this right here, this wonderful pop cultural reference, is as good as gets. Not only did he get to compare all facets of Trump’s administration to the upside down, but he goes and drops a “coffee and contemplation” quote right on our dome pieces! Wonderful! Glorious! Regardless of your political affiliation, or the size of the stick up your ass, you have to like this.


PS – Where do I buy a “Trump Things” crewneck sweatshirt? Need it.




WWE Hall of Famer George ‘The Animal’ Steele Has Passed Away

William James Myers, better known to wrestling fans as George ‘The Animal’ Steele, has passed away at the age of 79. Wrestling fans of the 70s and 80s know Steele as a household name, and any younger fans looking to familiarize themselves with Steele have a plethora of work to choose from. Steele performed in the days when wrestlers rarely changed their allegiances, but due to his dedication and unique look, ‘The Animal’ was able to transform from a hated heel to a beloved baby face, even helping Ricky Steamboat defeat Macho Man Randy Savage at WrestleMania 3. Whether you remember him a good or a bad guy, it’s impossible to deny his impact on the sports entertainment industry. RIP to the ‘The Animal’.


Trailer Alert – The House

Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Kroll and a shit-ton of other funny people come together to make this unique and original comedy. Listen, all the movie studio had to do was say “Ferrell and Poehler” and I would have been in line for tickets. Adding a “This is the End”-esque ensemble cast is just overkill. Overkill that I welcome with open arms. 

Jason Mantzoukas, better known as Rafi from ‘The League’, is finally getting a major role in a comedy, which is great news for movie go-ers. He and Nick Kroll have been floating in and out of every major comedy of the last couple years and 2017 is poised to be their true “break out” year. I truly believe they can lead in their own movies and ‘The House’ should help solidify my claim. 

This looks like a genuinely funny movie and I can’t wait to laugh my dick off at the theater. 


Plans Are In Place To Have Kurt Angle Wrestle In Some Capacity For The WWE

Ever since Kurt Angle was announced as the headliner of the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class, fans like myself started fantasy booking some type of return to the ring. Would he link up with American Alpha? Would he reignite old feuds with AJ Styles or Samoa Joe? Would he start something new with Finn Balor, Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens? Up until this point those were all pipe dreams, but a new report from the Wrestling Observer is giving people newfound hope. While nothing is set in stone and Angle would have to pass WWE’s rigorous medical testing, it’s a step in the right direction. It goes without saying that Angle is one of the most physically gifted and entertaining wrestlers of all time, so any type of send off in addition to the Hall of Fame induction would be fantastic.


Joey The Squirrel Isn’t The Hero We Deserved, But He’s The Hero We Needed

SQUIRREL – “During her investigations Joey had run in the bedroom just screwing around like he always does between her legs and kind of startled her,” explained Pearl. “She says ‘Whoa, what was that?,’ and I said ‘Ahhh don’t worry about that, that’s just Joey, my pet squirrel’.” Turner asked Pearl if Joey would bite.

 “Well, he usually doesn’t bite but you never know because he is a squirrel,” Pearl said. Turner went on her way, only to return a few hours later with some of Pearl’s stolen belongings and some unbelievable news. “She said while she was questioning the individual he had scratches on his hands so she asked him, ‘Did you get that from the squirrel?,’ and he says ‘Yeah, damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left’,” Pearl said.

Joey is now being hailed a hero.

2017 could up being the year of the squirrel, and it all starts with Joey. I’ll be the first to admit that my feelings towards squirrels are mostly negative, but after reading this story, I might have a change of heart. Before I get more into the squirrel business, it has to be said that this burglar should probably find another line of work. His heart isn’t in the robbery game, and Joey the Squirrel proved that. Although if you think about it, a squirrel could be a great guardian. As much as I love my dog, if you plan on robbing my house, just bring a few treats with you and call him a good boy and all my valuables are yours. If you’re robbing a house with a cat then you’re home free, because they’re not putting any of their nine lives on the line for a human. A squirrel? It will claw you to pieces before it lets you take a damn thing from it’s house. I’d say the probability is sky high that the burglar happened to be walking towards Joey’s stash of nuts in the floor boards, but regardless, Joey is a home protecting hero.

Side note – I’ve never been to Idaho, but are pet squirrels a thing there? I’m not going to judge, but if anyone from Idaho is reading this leave me a comment so I know what I’m getting into in case I ever visit.


Ep 22 – Harrison Ford needs to stop flying

Opening (0:00 – 3:30), The Grammys (3:30 – 17:30), Harrison Ford (17:30 – 24:00), Jackie Robinson’s Brother (24:00 – 26:45), New planets found (26:45 – 31:30), Hot Dogs or Shoveling (31:30 – 34:12), What are we watching (34:12 – 40:20), Closing (40:20 – 42:24)

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Brock Lesnar Has Retired From The UFC

BROCK – Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, who is currently suspended from competition, has informed the promotion that his professional fighting career is over.

UFC officials confirmed the news to on Tuesday following an initial report by

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) also confirmed it was aware of Lesnar’s retirement. Because of the retirement, Lesnar is no longer included in USADA’s testing pool under the UFC’s anti-doping program.

It looks like we might be seeing Suplex City more often than we’re used to in the WWE. Per ESPN and confirmed by the UFC, former Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is retiring. Lesnar is one of the most unique athletes in pro wrestling/MMA history, and is still the only man to hold both the WWE title and the UFC Heavyweight title. While his latest comeback this summer is now mired in controversy, it shouldn’t change the impact he’s had on either company. If the retirement from the UFC sticks, that opens up Brock for more dates to throw guys around in the WWE. He was most recently featured as a participant in the Royal Rumble, and is scheduled to fight Goldberg on April 2nd at WrestleMania 33. With Goldberg scheduled to face Kevin Owens for the Universal title at Fast Lane on March 5th, we very well could see Lesnar crowned as the new champ at WrestleMania.


Bayley Defeated Charlotte on #RAW To Become The New Women’s Champion


It’s been a great two days for WWE superstars looking for their first singles championships. On Sunday night, Bray Wyatt won the Elimination Chamber and attained his first singles title. Last night, Bayley defeated Charlotte to win her first title as well. The women had easily their best match together on the main roster, and the Las Vegas crowd made the moment even more special for Bayley. While they headlined the show, I’m glad that it wasn’t as hyped as previous matches between Sasha and Charlotte. While it’s true that this current crop of ladies are changing the way we view women’s wrestling, when WWE  continually references something as historic and groundbreaking, it can get a little stale. Last night they slotted Bayley and Charlotte in the main event, and instead of trying to force the crowd to have a specific feeling, they let the women do their thing inside the ring, and the result was magical. Congrats to Bayley on a much deserved win.



Ep 2 – ‘The Batman’ finds its fearless leader

Opening (0:00 – 1:50), Movie Trailers (1:50 – 14:23), The Batman’s Director New Director and the DCU (14:23 – 23:18) Who is/are the Last Jedi? (23:18 – 34:55), What are we watching and reading? (34:55 – 52:05), Closing remarks (52:05 – 55:02)