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  1. Hey guys, would love to feature some of your work on moviepilot.com. Drop me a line for more details!

  2. Great blog, you should check out mine if you get time.

  3. You guys f’in rock.

    It’s the end of another year, and respects need to be shown. This post is a little delayed, but it had to be reciprocated. It may even be my last notifications. (This process is a pain in the ass) Here’s my nomination for your The Innovative Blogger Award, which was initiated by Don Charisma. http://thinaby.com/2013/12/28/the-inventive-bloggers/

    Keep up the great writing! If I can speak on behalf of the followers, we can’t wait to read next year.


    – Christopher

    • Hey Chris!

      We really appreciate you saying so! It really makes all the time we out into our posts worth it when we hear from readers! We are truly humbled by the nomination and we can confidently say that will will only get better starting into the new year.


      Matt and Ryan

      The Average Nobodies

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