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Tonight Marks the End of ‘Louie’s’ Fantastic Six Episode Arc, ‘Elevator’

Louis C.K. made it a point to change the way we view comedy on television when he struck his deal with FX. He was on TV once before, in the form of Lucky Louie on HBO, except this time he was the man in charge. Louis C.K. writes, edits, directs, stars and chooses the music for his show Louie, grabbing the reigns from word “go” and never looking back. Tonight’s episodes will be his ninth and tenth of the currently still ongoing 4th season, and the first one serves as the finale of the six episode arc titled Elevator. Elevator has brought us new characters, such as Evanka and Louie’s current love interest, Amia. It’s brought us some new recurring characters, like Dr. Bigelow and Bobby, as well as the familiar  cast of  characters, comedians and family members alike, to guide Louie on his confusing journey. C.K. weaves multiple story lines into this season within a season: his daughter Jane’s troubles at school (who is becoming more and more like Louie; see her speech about drawing Christopher Columbus smiling), his never ending struggle with his ex-wife Janet, his new found affection for Amia, Pamela’s surprise reappearance, and a million little other things we never see buried under the surface. The heart of Elevator lies within the relationship between Amia and Louie. It’s interesting that C.K. chose this relationship to be almost entirely nonverbal: Amia does not speak English; I can’t help but think that helps Louie, who’s words have gotten him in trouble countless times in seasons past. Amia is returning back to Hungary soon, and after last week’s final scene, it looks like Louie will be anything but lucky, as Amia seems destined to fall in the long line of beau’s Louie never could court. After tonight’s Elevator, the final 5 episodes of season four weave together a three part episode titled Pamela with a two part episode titled In the Woods. With Amia leaving and Pamela clearly coming back into the picture, Louie is clearly coming towards a huge crossroads, which in the past has almost always resulted in some kind of disappointment for his character. Louie himself summed it up in perfectly in Elevator part 4, when he discussed Amia returning back to Hungary with his ex wife Janet:

“You know, Janet, people — sometimes you’re supposed to be sad. It’s okay. It’s the flip side, and it’s actually good,”

At this point, I should know better than to root for Louie, especially when the outcome is predictability bleak, but here I am, giving my favorite lovable loser one more shot. No matter the outcome, I know he won’t disappoint.

– Ryan

Watching the 2004 Red Sox Reunion Last Night Made Me Realize How Much I Loved That Team

The Red Sox brought back the 2004 team before last night’s game to celebrate the ten year anniversary of that world champion squad. 2014 Red Sox fans are spoiled after watching three world series wins in 10 years, but it’s easy to forget just how special that 2004 team was. They were nicknamed “The Idiots”, but they had the most character I’ve ever seen on a baseball team. From Manny to Damon to Millar to Pedro to Lowe to Ortiz to Timlin’s army fatigue undershirt: every guy on that team mattered, and every guy on that team contributed. They might not have been the best team that year, but they were the most fun to watch, and the 2004 ALCS is still the greatest series in the history of sports. Let’s hope some of that magic from the ’04 squad being at Fenway rubbed off on the 2014 team and we start making a serious run. Cowboy up!

– Ryan

Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Getting High and Reviewing Game of Thrones is My New Favorite Thing

Game of Thrones wasn’t new this week (damn you HBO) so we’ll have to settle for Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg intellectually dissecting the plot of everybody’s favorite medieval drama. I think I just reached my big word quota for the week.

– Ryan

P.S. I love how Snoop Dogg calls Tyrion “Peter”. There’s a 100% chance he doesn’t know any of the characters names.

Drinking with Class – Memorial Day Special

Technical difficulties is delaying Twitter News Weekly until early next week, so in lieu of that, we’ve got a very special treat for you. Before we became Average Nobodies, we had a weekly web series called Drinking with Class, and the episode below was our Memorial Day Special. Enjoy the video, and have a great weekend everybody.

– The Average Nobodies

In the Best News Since the Invention of the Bikini: Bill Hader to Create, Star In New HBO Series

StefonSaturday Night Live alum Bill Hader has signed an exclusive development deal with HBO to create and star in a new comedy series for the premium cable network. Hader is best known for his eight-season stint on SNL where he was one of the most popular cast members of the past decade, creating such memorable characters as NY club scene expert Stefon and Italian talk show host Vinni Vedechi and earning two Emmy nominations. Hader also wrote for the venerable NBC sketch comedy show as well as for Comedy Central’s South Park, sharing in an animated program Emmy award. Hader, repped by Odenkirk/Provissiero Entertainment, UTA and attorney Fred Toczek, is in production on Judd Apatow’s feature Trainwreck for Universal Pictures and will next be seen in the Sundance Film Festival breakout drama The Skeleton Twins opposite fellow SNL alumna Kristen Wiig, set for a September release from Roadside Attractions.

Well this is awesome. There are very few details as it appears the deal was just reached, but if there’s one person I have confidence in it’s Bill Hader. My heart wants a sketch comedy show, but my head knows HBO thinks bigger than that. The best part about this announcement is going to be watching it all play out, especially as new cast members sign on. Will we see old SNL friends, or a slew of new comedy breakout stars? All Hader fans should be doing the Ragin’ Cajun shake right about now.

– Ryan

Johnny Gomes and Mike Napoli Looking GOOD at the White House


Couple of handsome fellas right there. I wanted to think I’d be surprised but I 100% expected Gomes to wear something loud and he did not disappoint. Napoli is his usual handsome bearded self as well. Also not surprised they took a picture in front of the portrait of Clinton. Party animals and renegades stick together.

– Ryan

Bad Ass(es) of the Week: Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson


The day after their hysterical season one finale, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, creators of Broad City, are my bad asses of the week. It’s not every day that two women in their mid 20’s get to premiere a show on a major network, but that’s exactly what Abbi and Ilana have done. The coolest part of this whole process, for me anyway, is how similar the SHOW Broad City is to the WEB SERIES Broad City. I started watching the web series a few years ago, and it blew me away. Abbi and Ilana weren’t creaking the door open to see if someone was home, they were kicking it in and shoving their perverse brand of comedy right in your face.

Abbi and Ilana are members of the Chicago sketch comedy group The Upright Citizens Brigade, the same UCB that has produced stars Amy Poehler, Rob Riggle, Bobby Moynihan and Kate McKinnon. They used their experiences at UCB to create the web series Broad City, a 2-4 minute per episode series about two best friends growing up stoned and broke in New York City. The relationship between Abbi and Ilana drives the show, but their individual sexual, professional and culinary conquests are just as great. They made 24 episodes in all, and each one was weirdly unique in its own way. Now, with the help of some lady named Amy Poehler (she is the executive producer of the Comedy Central version, and directed and guest starred in last nights season finale) they have a hit show that was recently renewed for a second season. I can’t wait to see what crazy, funny stuff they come up with. Cheers to Ilana and Abbi, and cheers to Broad City. Four and three and two and one…

– Ryan

Phew! ‘Newsroom’ Will Be Renewed For It’s Third and Final Season

Source – Almost four months after its season two finale, “Newsroom” has been renewed by HBO for a third and final season.

“’The Newsroom’ is classic Aaron Sorkin – smart, riveting and thought-provoking,” said HBO topper Michael Lombardo. “I’m sure this farewell season will be one to remember.”

HBO brass had been hopeful about the media drama’s return since last summer, though spent months in negotiations with series creator Aaron Sorkin discussing scheduling and his other showbiz commitments. Topliner Jeff Daniels — who won an Emmy in 2013 for his portrayal of Will McAvoy in “Newsroom” — tweeted prematurely in September that the show had been renewed, only to then have to backtrack once HBO established that an official season three order had not been made.

After that, the show had been seemingly hanging in the balance, with many outlets reminding their readers time to time that “Newsroom” had not yet been renewed.

With the season three order now official, Variety has also confirmed that Sorkin has turned in script for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, which Sorkin was tapped to pen in spring 2012.


I’m glad this “maybe they will, maybe they won’t” seesaw battle is finally over. Newsroom is one of my favorite shows on TV, and it would’ve been a shame to not give it a sendoff season because of Sorkin’s feature film goals for 2014. He’s created a lot of likeable, and more importantly, watchable characters in Newsroom. I’ve grown to embrace the reality based backdrop he’s created over the last two years, and as a former intern for a news network, it’s cool to relive the behind the scenes chaos that sometimes goes along with reporting the news. I’m excited to see what Will and the gang have in store for us, and it’s always good news when I get to see sweet Olivia Munn show up on my TV screen. Mr. Sorkin, the ball is in your court.

– Ryan

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