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Johnny Gomes and Mike Napoli Looking GOOD at the White House


Couple of handsome fellas right there. I wanted to think I’d be surprised but I 100% expected Gomes to wear something loud and he did not disappoint. Napoli is his usual handsome bearded self as well. Also not surprised they took a picture in front of the portrait of Clinton. Party animals and renegades stick together.

– Ryan

Snooki and JWoww Dressed as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad is Haunting

Alternate 'Breaking Bad' Ending: It Was All Snooki and JWOWW's Dream

– via Celebuzz

Snooki and Jwoww have been dressing as famous pop culture pairings over the past few days, and a photo has surfaced of the Jersey Shore pair dressed as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad…and it’s disturbing. Snooki looks disturbingly similar to the little person Pedro Martinez used to bring to the club house during the Red Sox ’04 World Series run.


JWoww looks like Walter White if he spent thousands of dollars on botox and plastic surgery and was only capable of making Zoolander’s “blue steel” face.


If I wasn’t such an enormous fan of the show I’d say they ruined that picture of Walt and Jesse for me forever. I don’t why Snooki and JWoww are taking pictures of famous pairings and I don’t care. I just want them to stop. And next time you try impersonating Walt and Jesse, model yourself after these handsome stallions.


– Ryan

Craig Cobb Did Not Have the Best Veterans Day

“A self-proclaimed white supremacist underwent a DNA test to ‘prove’ his genetic heritage, only to be told on live television he was 86 per cent European – and 14 per cent of Sub-Saharan African heritage.

Sixty-two-year-old Craig Cobb claims he follows the ‘Creator’ which “favours racial awareness” and has been attempting to create a “white enclave” in North Dakota by quietly buying up land in the small town of Leith, despite anti-racism rallies and town meetings against his plans.

He submitted his DNA as part of host Trisha Goddard’s Race in America series, who gave him the results to a delighted audience, telling Cobb: “You have a little Black in you”. However, Cobb can be heard dismissing the results as “statistical noise” and refused to fist bump with the host.

Cobb, who lived in the town for a year before residents became aware of his agenda, has allegedly harassed the only bi-racial couple in the small community, leaving notes pinned to their door asking Sherrill Harper, who is married to African-American Bobby Harper: “What are you doing married to a negro?”, reported the Mail Online.

Cobb has also placed a sign reading “Village of the Damned” on one of his plots of land, accompanied by a red swastika.”

Craig Cobb must feel pretty stupid. Rule number one of being a White supremacist has to be to make sure you’re not black. I feel like that defeats the whole point. Who’s going to listen to a white supremacist that is 14% black? At that point you’re just being ignorant. Harassing bi racial couples and placing swastikas on your land probably seems like a bad idea right about now. My question is where does Craig Cobb go from here? The black population hates you because you’re an ignorant piece of shit. You’re white supremacist buddies can’t be seen joshing around with a black guy. The only move is to fade into bolivian and hope the world forgets you. We all thought Dave Chappelle was crazy for suggesting such a crazy idea. Looks like he was ahead of the curve.

– Ryan

Betty White Spoofs Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball – Dear God No

This could have been a lot worse, but can we stop the wrecking ball spoofs now. Watching a 90 year old ride a wrecking ball and kiss a sledgehammer should never be something I have to witness.

– Ryan

Breaking Bad Fans Give Walter White His Own Obituary In Albuquerque Newspaper

Walter Hartwell White. You were a complicated man, a decent man, and a monster all at once. I always loved your old man glasses, porn star mustache and blatant disregard for human life. Thanks for the memories.

– Ryan

P.S. As much as I love Breaking Bad and Walter White, this obituary still doesn’t beat William McCullough.

Breaking Bad Finally Wins Best Drama

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

It’s weird seeing the cast of Breaking Bad with smiles on their faces, but if there were ever a time to smile, it was last night. The show had been nominated three times before in the Best Drama category, but the Golden statue had always eluded Vince Gilligan and company. Last night, all that changed, and how surreal it was to watch Hank and Jesse and Mike and Walter hug it out for the whole world to see. Well deserved is an understatement, as the writing, directing and acting on this show has been superb for 5 years now. These past 8 episodes (the finale airing next Sunday) have been among the shows best, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cast share the stage one last time at the Emmys next September.

How The Breaking Bad Violence vs. Hair Chart Relates To Fat George Zimmerman

The oatmeal created an awesome (and accurate) breaking bad chart that analyzes each character’s tendency for violence vs. how much hair they have. Since George Zimmerman can’t see to keep his fat head out of trouble, I decided to do a little analyzing of my own.

gz 2

Here’s George Zimmerman in 2005 after a domestic violence incident. Still not a choir boy, but the case was eventually thrown out. Also, notice Zimmerman has a full head of hair and he’s fat.

gz 3

Here’s George Zimmerman towards the end of the Trayvon Martin trial, and only a few months before his most recent domestic violence incident. He isn’t pure evil by any means, and he’s grown out his hair and somehow gotten fatter.

gz 1

Fresh off a murder George Zimmerman. That’s right, no hair, semi-skinny, and now he’s a murderer. Shot an unarmed kid. When George Zimmerman is fat with a full head of hair, he get’s into minor domestic disturbances. When George Zimmerman gets a buzz cut and loses weight, he turns into a murderer.

Moral of the story: whether you’re cooking meth to feed your family during a cancer battle or a member of the neighborhood watch, if you’re skinny with a shaved head and a goatee you’re a cold blooded murderer.

– Ryan

Bryan Cranston, Meet Lex Luthor

“BREAKING Bad star Bryan Cranston has reportedly been cast as  supervillain Lex Luthor in the Man Of Steel sequel, alongside Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. Cranston is said to have signed at least a six-appearance deal with DC  Comics, which means he may have more chances to destroy Superman in future  Justice League films, according to Cosmic  Book News. An official announcement is expected to be made after the conclusion of the  final season of Breaking Bad. Comic book fans will probably welcome Cranston’s hiring, following his  celebrated portrayal of Walter White – a timid science teacher who starts  cooking meth to pay his medical bills. An insider told Cosmic Book News: “Cranston truly is a dream casting  for Luthor.” With Affleck on board, DC is also rumoured to be considering Matt Damon for  the roles of Aquaman or Martian Manhunter. Mark Strong may also join in the role of Green Lantern mentor Sinestro, which  he played in the recent Green Lantern film.” –

Superman vs. Batman is shaping up to be quite the blockbuster. First, Ben Affleck was cast as the caped crusader, and now it appears Bryan Cranston will be playing uber villain Lex Luthor. Breaking Bad fans know Cranston has the ability to portray a bald evil genius, and why not stereotypically cast him now while the brilliant character Walter White is still fresh in our minds. Hopefully this star power, combined with Zack Snyder’s directorial style make for another great superhero flick.

– Ryan