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Let Steve Spiros, Easy Going Guy Carry You Into The Weekend

Steve Spiros, Easy Going

“What’s your name?”. That’s the only thing this poor reporter said before Steve Spiros, quite possibly the craziest man in the world, went on a rant for the ages. Waterloo. Vampires. Humberside. Sleep Walkers. New York, Manhattan. This interview has all of it.

If you come away with one thing from this interview, let it be this: you can’t kill someone with NO BODY.


The Doctah Presents: Illuminati Email Scams

One of the more notorious scams in this world are Illuminati ​email ​scams. These emails pretend to be members of the famous secret organization, the Illuminati, trying to recruit new members. These are fake scams attempting to swindle money from unassuming people.

One man, YouTube user poqreslux (Pok-res-lucks), received such an email and created a video exposing the “Illuminati”, making fun of their poor grammar, silly names like Jeremy Michel and Agent Smith, and their terrible solicitation tactics and contact methods.

In the video the producer, Mitch DeAngelis, takes shots at many famous alleged “Illuminati members” such Jay Z, Chris Brown, and Kanye West. Also not safe is Mortal Kombat creator, Ed Boon, washed up comedian Pauly Shore, and Jesus Christ himself.

This video is the top google video search for “Illuminati email scams” and is quickly gaining exposure like the pedophilia in Hollywood, and he took no shots at Corey Feldman.

Mitch DeAngelis has been self-producing a wide variety of short videos, and has inspirations of one day directing large budget movies in addition to role of “Grandmaster of the Illuminati”.

For more information on the Illuminati and the New World Order (not the Hollywood Hogan version) check out The Sun & Daily Mail.

~ The Doctah

Reason #5,000 Internet Commenters Are The Worst – ‘The Fire Truck Is Here’ Video

Cute videos on FaceBook and YouTube are a dime a dozen nowadays, but that doesn’t make them any less adorable. Whether it’s dogs being the goddamn best or babies yelling the word fire truck over and over, I honestly can’t get enough of them. Normal people who watch these videos will Like them, or maybe add one of those cool new emoji’s FaceBook has gifted us. That’s not the case for the most deranged among us, a.k.a. internet commenters. They need to add in their two cents, and it’s almost always something awful. Enter Mary Chandler:

Jesus Christ Mary. Now my first reaction to this is that this entire story can’t possibly be true. Yes I understand house fires a thing but why is this woman’s fathers first instinct to throw her elderly mother out the window? That sounds like something premeditated and this guy found the perfect time to do it. Also, I highly doubt the fire department, rather than trying to save the animals inside, went to get their children to have them a watch a good old fashioned house fire. That’s not a thing that happens. And if this warped story is true? Why tell it as a comment on a cute kid video? Maybe your life sucks Mary Chandler, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin everyone else’s day too.


Weekly Roundup of Youtube Videos

Hello, friends. I’m thinking of starting a new series on here where I share some of my favorite YouTube videos from the past week. I subscribe to a multitude of different channels on the YouTube, so it should be pretty varied and unique. Think of this as my art gallery where I curate the finest paintings, but instead of paintings, they are YouTube videos. I don’t think I really needed that analogy, but I made it anyway. Enjoy week first weekly roundup!

[DAY 28 FINALE] I Waited an ENTIRE MONTH to be FIRST to Get a Nintendo Switch!

Last we saw and heard from CND it was day 2 of his month-long wait for the Switch. Here is the culmination of all his waiting.

WATCH WHAT I DO | DailyVee 180

Where are my GaryVee fans at? Just an all-around inspirational guy that has a knack for growing businesses. Read the rest of this entry

YouTube TV is a game changer and the cables companies are F&@*&%

Hear about YouTube TV? No? If not, let Philly D fill you in…

Pretty fucking awesome. For $35 a month, and that’s for SIX users, you get a shit load of TV channels, unlimited cloud DVR and access to YouTube Red content. I can’t even lease a decent sized DVR box from Verizon for $35! Here’s the list of channels you get (Plus the two premium options, Starz and Soccer, at the bottom):


Sure, it doesn’t have EVERYTHING, but as long as I can watch RAW, Always Sunny, and Modern Family, i’m good. This is rumored to launch within the coming months, so get to work on canceling your cable service.


Captain Nintendo Dude is waiting in line for a MONTH for the Switch

For those of you who don’t know Captain Nintendo Dude (CND), he is a YouTuber who makes content around Nintendo and Nintendo games. He’s an all-around pleasant dude who makes quality content that he is legitimately passionate about. I just discovered his channel about a month ago, so I had no idea what he is capable of when it comes to his beloved Nintendo….until now.

That’s right, this crazy Mofo (in the most endearing way possible) is waiting outside the Nintendo Store in New York for the launch of the Nintendo Switch. At eye-level that’s not too crazy. I once waited overnight for the Wii, so I get it. But the Switch doesn’t come out until March 3. For those of you reading this in the future, that’s one month away from the date this blog was posted. Kind of crazy, but I’m not going to hate on this level of passion.

Oh, and he’s not alone. Read the rest of this entry

Drinking With Class Episode 8 – A Classy Evening

The Average Nobodies aren’t your average (get it) one trick pony’s. We can do TWO tricks. Right now, we’re in the midst of re-releasing all of our old videos from our web series ‘Drinking with Class’, and we figured we might as well share some of these bad boys while we’re at it. In this episode, we explain what goes into making a classy evening. If you’re looking to take someone out on the town, maybe don’t use these tips.


And Now Here’s HHH Beating The Ever Loving Shit Out Of A Fan During A House In Germany In The Late 90’s

There’s really only one rule when you’re attending a wrestling show: don’t get in the ring. You can tell guys to go F themselves, bring your sign, drink beer and just be a general asshole if you want to, but don’t jump the barricade and get in the ring. This German fan learned that the hard way when he ran in the ring following a Stone Cold/HHH match at a house show in the 90’s. This video was recently uploaded to YouTube and it’s great, because the fan gets the shit beat out of him by both HHH and referee Mike Chioda. HHH starts him off with a suplex and then just pounds away from there until security leisurely makes their way into the ring to take the guy away. Lesson here kids: wrestling may be fake, but these guy’s are enormous and they will end you.


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