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Your Average Game 1 Recap & Boston Bruins Playoff Preview

It wouldn’t be a playoff preview from the Average Nobodies if it was posted on time right?

Well anyways, game 1 is in the books and the Bruins are up 1-0 in their first seven game series of the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Ottawa Senators. After a stalemate of a first period and a shot less second period, the Bruins got a much needed boost from recently slumping goal scorer in Frank Vatrano. He tied the game at 1 early in the third period with a snipe of a shot from the slot. Now, we’ve seen the Bruins lose in the closing minutes of a game previously this season, but the boys were able to close it out after a stellar possession in the offensive zone. The line of Bergeron, Marchand, Pastrnak, Chara and McAvoy ultimately out hustled and out worked a tired Senators line to give the B’s the go ahead goal with under 3 minutes to play in regulation.

BruinsWordmarkThis has to be a great confidence booster for a Bruins team that’s starting this playoff run pretty banged up. Down top 6 forward David Krejci, hard nosed center Noel Accari, top 4 D-men Torey Krug and Brandon Carlo, the Bruins that were in the lineup made a statement Wednesday night. Sparked by a razor sharp performance from goaltender Tuukka Rask, the Bruins never lost their composure and were able to pull out the win on the road.

Highly touted 19 year old rookie defenseman Charlie McAvoy played in his first NHL game Wednesday night for the Bruins and he did not disappoint. McAvoy is the real deal ladies and gentleman. He played with the confidence and poise of a veteran, and never looked lost in the moment. McAvoy looks like the type of player who brings his A game every shift on both ends of the ice. That is EXACTLY the type of player the Bruins have been missing in their past few playoff runs; a defenseman that can SCORE. I’m personally very excited to have him in a black and gold sweater for this run and hopefully many more to come.

Looking ahead, if the Bruins can get healthy I can see them continuing to win against the Ottawa Senators in the 1st round. However, if the injuries continue to linger and pile up, they will have trouble against stronger teams such as Montreal , Pittsburgh or Washington. I don’t like to make a prediction of who will win it all because there are so many factors that come into play and I genuinely just enjoy watching these playoff games because the guys out there on the ice are letting it all out to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup. There truly is nothing better to watch than playoff hockey.

I will say this though: a hot goaltender can win you a Stanley Cup, and no goalie in the league is hotter right now than Tuukka Rask. After some scrutiny by Boston sports media, Tuuk has buckled down and shut his doubters up by standing on his head to get us into the playoffs and that looks to have poured over into the postseason.

Fuck it, I think we’re going to see a 7 game final, and a rematch from 2013 with the Boston Bruins taking on the Chicago Blackhawks for the greatest trophy in all of sports.



Pablo Sandoval Showed Up To Spring Training In Whatever The Opposite Of Tip Top Shape Is #RedSox

There were reports that Pablo Sandoval had dropped some pounds this offseason, but unless he gained 100 pounds before he dropped the 20, that can’t be true. Look, I’m not saying the guy has to be carved out of marble. If you’re going to be out of shape, baseball is the one sport you can still play. But when you’re making almost $20 million a year and you come off a horrible year like Sandoval did last year, you can’t come into camp looking like that. It’s just not going to work. With Sandoval at third and now Hanley at first, I couldn’t have less confidence in our corner infielders if they were blind with no limbs. Maybe Pablo will hit .300 and play a decent third base, or maybe he’ll sweat his way to becoming a $20 million a year bench player.


The Rock Surprised The WWE Universe At A House Show In Boston On Saturday & Are You God Damn Kidding Me!?

Reaction GIF: are you kidding me?

The ONE event I don’t go to in Boston, not only does Chris Jericho wrestle, but The Rock decides to drop by out of the goodness of his heart. I’m thrilled for everyone who was there, but this is some bullshit. My friends and I go to every WWE event in Providence and Boston, and the one time we slip up, greatness happens. Apparently The Rock came out to confront Bo Dallas, which just sounds amazing. I really think The Rock is just obsessed with being the man, because this was an unannounced and unnecessary appearance. He could have laid low and enjoyed his down time during his movie shoot, but instead he’s showing up to WWE live events and making people go ape shit. Awesome stuff.

– Ryan

Aaron Paul is the Coolest Human on the Planet

Last night I was celebrating my one year anniversary with my lovely girlfriend. We went to one of our favorite sushi spots in Boston, Fin’s (In Kenmore Square). It was an ordinary night until we went to pay the check. I looked down at my phone after signing the bill and what do I see, but a Periscope notification alerting me Aaron Paul was live. Usually I don’t click on periscope notifications, because I get a ton of them (Seriously Periscope, chill out), but I had the urge to see what Mr. Pinkman was up to. Come to find out he was in our neck of the woods and was inviting his fans to come see ‘Mad Max’ with him! We dashed out of the restaurant and down the street to the Regal Cinema in Fenway. Just like he said he would be, we found Aaron hanging out outside the theater. He was so awesome, and after a moment of chatting he gave us a group hug and agreed to take one of those new fangled selfie pictures i’ve been hearing all about. Here it is…


Best night ever right? Well, it isn’t over just yet! He whips out a pile of movie tickets and gave us two and said “see you guys inside!”. So in we went to the theater! A few minutes later Aaron came in bearing two huge buckets of popcorn and a soda. He came up to us, gave us one of the popcorn buckets (instructed us to share with others in our row) and started to chat with us. Did I mention what an awesome guy he was?

Than you Aaron, for making our anniversary a night we won’t soon forget!



If a Tree Falls in a Boston Public Park…

An 8-year-old child remains hospitalized in Boston after a large tree fell on him, and another young boy, as they played in a public park, authorities said. A surveillance camera captured the dramatic event on video.

I wish the two boys who were hurt during this incident a speedy recovery. Someone, somewhere is feeling the heat as this doesn’t seem like that freak of an accident. I feel like the Department of Public Works should probably monitor the health of trees directly adjacent to a kids playground. Tress don’t just fall during normal wind condition, they just don’t.


The Person Walking Around The Blizzard In Boston Dressed As A Yeti Is The Hero America Needs #Juno

BlizzardA ‘yeti’ has stepped out of myth and onto the snowy streets of Massachusetts.

A person wearing an abominable snowman costume was photographed roaming a Boston suburb as a blizzard led to closure of roadways overnight on Monday into Tuesday.

The Boston Yeti debuted mysteriously on Twitter at about 10 p.m. Monday and wandered the deserted streets of Somerville, a Boston suburb, around midnight, after a travel ban went into effect.

The mythological creature’s account joked that “multiple #BostonYeti2014 sightings” had forced schools to close.



I don’t know who this person is, or what their plan is, but as long as it doesn’t end up in multiple stabbings or home invasions I think they should be applauded. Some of us go to the liquor store and stare out the window while drinking Busch Lights and some of us dress as the abominable snowman and walk around Boston in very dangerous conditions. Juno thought she could waltz her sweet ass in here and we’d just bow down to her and lock ourselves in our homes. Well let this be a lesson to Juno and any other future storms that think they can assert their dominance on the Northeast: we have a Yeti, and Yeti’s ain’t afraid of a little snow.

– Ryan

220 Year-Old Time Capsule Found in Boston

This is absolutely amazing stuff! Having being driven into work today by my Dad, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him tell me this story. Telling me that a super old time capsule was found under the Mass State House with pieces in it featuring “Paul Revere and that other guy from Boston” (Samuel Adams). Among all the old coins, engraved copper plates, and silver plaques was probably the most impressive piece of this time capsule, a newspaper! That is some cool shit right there. a 200+ year old news paper. Quite literally a glimpse into the past. This has got me so jazzed up that I want to do a time capsule of my own. I’ll keep you updated on that. What would be in your time capsule if you were to bury one right now? (or when the ground thaws)


Monster Blog Wednesday – Home Run Derby Pitchers


It’s MLB All Star week, so we decided to cater our monster blog to one of the more exciting competitions: Home Run Derby. A sometimes forgotten but key element in the Home Run Derby is the man assigned to pitch to each participant. Sometimes they’re the player’s dad, sometimes they’re the player’s coach; what the Average Nobodies might lack in baseball skill and overall strength we make up for in creativity. That’s why we pulled out the big guns for our Home Run Derby pitchers:


Mo Vaughn

staff photographer

This one was kind of a no brainer for me. I see the ball better off of righties, and Mo Vaughn was the greatest hitter with a dirty man’s beard of all time. Chances are Mo won’t throw too many strikes, but I’m a bad ball hitter so it ain’t no thing. My overall fear of not knowing where Mo is going to throw the ball will help me hit the most home runs possible. Not because it will motivate me, but because I’ll be defending my body and face against insane wildness. Also, “The Hit Dog” is one of my favorite baseball nicknames of all time, and any time you can bring an old school Sox player with you to the All Star game you have to do it. If I had 10 choices for who my pitcher would be, I’d pick Mo Vaughn ten times.


Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson



The guy feeding me the ball would have to be my favorite pitcher of all-time, Randy Johnson. Being a big guy with a strong left arm, Randy and I can relate. Even though he’s “big” in the fact that he’s tall and I’m “big” because I eat way too much Taco Bell; and the fact that he has a strong left arm because he’s was a MLB pitcher and I have a strong left arm because…well…other things. Even with those differences i’ve always had a connection with Randy. Even my nickname on my high school swim team was “The Big Unit”! Don’t ask me how I got it, because I actually still don’t get it.  Tell me for one second that staring down the barrel of that mustache and mullet wouldn’t give me the strength to blast 100 balls into the cheap seats.


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