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HBO Released Another Teaser Trailer For the Final Season of ‘Boardwalk Empire’

HBO is usually very vague with their teaser trailers, especially ones that pertain to the final season of a show, and the latest one for ‘Boardwalk Empire’ is no different. What makes ‘Boardwalk’ different from other shows on the air is that it’s a period piece, following characters who actually existed in real life. All you need to do is a Google search and you can find out what happened to Al Capone, or Lucky Luciano, or even Enoch Thompson. It’s also interesting that the show is jumping ahead to 1931, as Chalky White looks noticeably older with a grey beard (Steve Buscemi looks the same. I actually picture him being born a middle aged man). There are a lot of great characters who have a lot of loose ends to tie up in the final season, so it should a fast paced, action packed set of episodes.

– Ryan

Seth Meyers Farewell ‘Weekend Update’ Was Perfect and I’ve Been Crying for 48 Straight Hours

Nice to see Seth’s friends come back for his farewell episode. The Weekend Update desk will never be the same, but sometimes peacocks have to spread their feathers and fly away. We’ll see how it works out on March 1st when Colin Jost takes over.

– Ryan

Phew! ‘Newsroom’ Will Be Renewed For It’s Third and Final Season

Source – Almost four months after its season two finale, “Newsroom” has been renewed by HBO for a third and final season.

“’The Newsroom’ is classic Aaron Sorkin – smart, riveting and thought-provoking,” said HBO topper Michael Lombardo. “I’m sure this farewell season will be one to remember.”

HBO brass had been hopeful about the media drama’s return since last summer, though spent months in negotiations with series creator Aaron Sorkin discussing scheduling and his other showbiz commitments. Topliner Jeff Daniels — who won an Emmy in 2013 for his portrayal of Will McAvoy in “Newsroom” — tweeted prematurely in September that the show had been renewed, only to then have to backtrack once HBO established that an official season three order had not been made.

After that, the show had been seemingly hanging in the balance, with many outlets reminding their readers time to time that “Newsroom” had not yet been renewed.

With the season three order now official, Variety has also confirmed that Sorkin has turned in script for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, which Sorkin was tapped to pen in spring 2012.


I’m glad this “maybe they will, maybe they won’t” seesaw battle is finally over. Newsroom is one of my favorite shows on TV, and it would’ve been a shame to not give it a sendoff season because of Sorkin’s feature film goals for 2014. He’s created a lot of likeable, and more importantly, watchable characters in Newsroom. I’ve grown to embrace the reality based backdrop he’s created over the last two years, and as a former intern for a news network, it’s cool to relive the behind the scenes chaos that sometimes goes along with reporting the news. I’m excited to see what Will and the gang have in store for us, and it’s always good news when I get to see sweet Olivia Munn show up on my TV screen. Mr. Sorkin, the ball is in your court.

– Ryan

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