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074 The Sink is Backed Up

Apparenlty Paris Hilton Makes Music Now

I vaguely remember reading something a while back about Paris Hilton being a DJ, which I’m hoping infuriated DJ’s around the world. I didn’t read the article because people like her and Kim K are always doing something to keep their names in the headlines. But apparently Paris Hilton is also a singer now, a singer with her own VEVO page, and her new song has almost 500,000 views in one day. I know some of those views are from girls who “can’t even” but still that’s a lot of views. Is America OK with Paris Hilton now? Are we so consumed with Kim K and Kanye that we just let this slide? Well not on my watch! Her video is basically her in an extreme amount of makeup swinging on a flower swing and riding a rainbow while singing to the moon. It’s like a gentle, comforting acid trip. And I hate it. Hate, hate, hate…

– Ryan

Thanks as always to Luna for the tip.

Nick Carter is Full of Shit

(Source) He struggled with addiction for years and now  Nick Carter has revealed his troubles began at the tender age of two. 

In his new autobiography, the Backstreet Boys  singer opens up about his parents’ dependence on alcohol which he believes led  to his addiction first to drinking and later drugs including cocaine, Ecstasy,  and prescription painkillers.

In new excerpts from the tome, titled Facing  the Music and Living to Talk About It, obtained by RadarOnline, Nick recounts a story which saw him trying  alcohol for the first time when he was still crawling at the bar below his parents’ apartment.

‘Family legend has it that when I was  two  years old, I crawled into one of the Yankee Rebel’s liquor storage  rooms where  I was caught drinking for the first time,’ he recounts. ‘My  parents always  laughed at that. I laughed too, for a while, and then I  didn’t laugh  at it anymore.’

Nick claims his mother and father also drank  heavily, which he  believes was caused by money worries and says he started  drinking himself when he was still a teenager.”

Bad influence: Nick Carter brands ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton a 'bad influence' as he recounts his 10 years of drug and alcohol addiction in a new memoir titled, Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It

Is there anything in the world less authentic than a celebrity autobiography? At least 80s stars drug problems were believable. Robert Downey Jr. tried marijuana at the age of 12. I can believe that. Tim Allen sold coke in his 20s. Very believable. Nick Carter started drinking at the age of 2? Not so much. You know what happens to a baby who drinks at 2 years old? They die. They don’t go on to become fantastic singers in an underrated boy band. What’s next? He was a world class juggler at 14 months? He won the Tour De France when he was 3? Yes you’re trying to sell copies of your book, but come up with a better story than that. After all, every alcoholic/drug addict from the late 90’s through the mid 2000s already has a built-in excuse: they drilled Paris Hilton.

– Ryan

10 Trips To Take In Your 20’s

While this list doesn’t incorporate everything that I would like to see and do, I completely agree with the thought behind it.  Get out there and explore new places, meet new people, and try new things.  I recently met some new friends who are taking 2 months to explore places they’ve never been before, and I think that’s awesome.  It’s a big world, experience it.


Video Credit: BuzzFeed

James Lipton: A Man of the People

The man. The myth. The legend. And the pimp.

That’s right, everyones favorite TV host recently revealed he was a pimp in Paris during the 1950s. I can’t say I blame the guy. Post World War 2 Paris probably wasn’t booming with jobs. Your a handsome 25 year old man, why not try your hand at the prostitution game.

I’m not saying I approve of prostitution, but if I were a woman in 1950s Paris I’d be begging for James Lipton to be my pimp. How many pimps do you know that go on to become accomplished writers, composers and a dean emeritus of an acting school? He is the definition of a gentleman and a scholar, especially the way he conducted himself as a pimp. He “became great friends” with one of the prostitutes and “pandered a whole bordello of women”. I don’t know what “pandering a bordello” means, but it sounds wonderful, and everyone in the pimp game should take notes. He makes prostitution sound as wholesome as Sunday dinner with the family. Yet another reason why James Lipton has the greatest resume in the history of the world. End scene

– Ryan

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