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Trailer Alert: Five Came Back

There are few things I love more than documentaries (Parmesan goldfish, the sense of sight) which is why the trailer for Five Came Back, a docu-series about famous filmmakers who served in World War II, is right up my alley. The series follows five filmmakers: John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra, and George Stevens, all of whom served in World War II and brought back with them stories to inform and inspire the American people.

Tracing the ways patriotism and industry existed side by side, and the role Hollywood played in mobilizing and shaping the consciousness of a divided America, Bouzereau and his team gathered over 100 hours of archival and newsreel footage; watched over 40 documentaries and training films directed and produced by the five directors during the war; and studied 50 studio films and over 30 hours of outtakes and raw footage from their war films. –
The five brave filmmakers and their work are brought back to life through the voices of five modern filmmakers: Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Greengrass, Guillermo Del Toro and Lawrence Kasdan. The series was produced by Spielberg and based on the best selling novel Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War by Mark Harris. If there’s one guy I trust when it comes to World War II and Hollywood history, it’s Spielberg, and this series looks like it was incredibly well done. The series premieres March 31st exclusively on Netflix.

James Lipton: A Man of the People

The man. The myth. The legend. And the pimp.

That’s right, everyones favorite TV host recently revealed he was a pimp in Paris during the 1950s. I can’t say I blame the guy. Post World War 2 Paris probably wasn’t booming with jobs. Your a handsome 25 year old man, why not try your hand at the prostitution game.

I’m not saying I approve of prostitution, but if I were a woman in 1950s Paris I’d be begging for James Lipton to be my pimp. How many pimps do you know that go on to become accomplished writers, composers and a dean emeritus of an acting school? He is the definition of a gentleman and a scholar, especially the way he conducted himself as a pimp. He “became great friends” with one of the prostitutes and “pandered a whole bordello of women”. I don’t know what “pandering a bordello” means, but it sounds wonderful, and everyone in the pimp game should take notes. He makes prostitution sound as wholesome as Sunday dinner with the family. Yet another reason why James Lipton has the greatest resume in the history of the world. End scene

– Ryan

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