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139 DuoCast on 420

Adam and Matt sit down on 420 to discuss what they’ve been watching.

137 Three Men and a Baby

Adam brings the riddles and the gang drafts the best-nominated movies to not win the best picture award at the Oscars.

133 Sidekick Draft

Adam returns from the mountains and brings some riddles with him!

126 Fictional Athlete Draft

Adam Brings the riddles. Matt hates HBO Max. Ryan spends some time in a bloody shower.

125 Iconic Movie Pets

Ryan brings the riddles. Matt has another tale from Cumberland Farms. Adam names the most iconic movie pet of all.

118 Is QAnon actually our favorite TV dad?!

Celebrity birthday trivia for April 20th, draft of TV parents and we talk about Vin Diesel’s Dom Shrine.

116 Godzilla Versus QAnon

Matt and Ryan celebrate Paul Rudd’s birthday, talk about QAnon and wax poetic about Godzilla vs Kong.

114 Ben Returns

Matt and Adam take turns gushing about the Zack Synder cut of Justice League

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