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Ep 25 – Scotland and SXSW

Ryan visits Scotland and Matt attends SXSW…This is what happened.


Ep 6 – Movie Theater Commandments

Sean introduces a riddle game and we go over our do’s and don’ts of going to the movie theater. Call 401-285-8120 to leave us a voicemail with a comment, question or observation and we will play it on the next episode.


Movie Trailers: A Gift and a Curse

I tried something new at SXSW this year. I went blind. No, I didn’t lose my sight (although that would make all my movie reviews very unique). I went in blind to every movie I saw, which from Friday to Wednesday was a grand total of 23. Let me explain: Usually, when I get to SXSW the first thing I do is look at film listings so I can search trailers to get a jist of what movies I might want to see. This helps get my schedule ready so I can surgically jump from venue to venue seeing as many movies as I can. Like a mother-fucking movie seeing James Bond.  However, this year I stuck with just reading the text synopsis and looked at the single photo that came along with it.

Here’s an example of what SXSW puts out for each movie:


A small synopsis, director, writer, some cast, a photo and that’s it. Nothing about the score or soundtrack, no spoilers and nothing really to prepare you for what you’re about to see. Which is a good thing.

I have been taking more chances this trip, largely because i’m trailer free. Trailers, for me, are the judge-a-book-by-it’s-cover-type shit and I won’t have it. In the past, if I saw even the smallest thing in a trailer I didn’t like, I would immediately write that movie off. which isn’t fair. Trailers can be misleading, ruin story elements and make a film feel totally not what it actually is. So I got rid of them.

I know it’s almost impossible to avoid mainstream trailers, for two reasons. One, they are fucking awesome, especially for a trailer from a film franchise you love. And B, they are literally everywhere: before YouTube videos, TV commercials, movie theaters, billboards… fuckin’ Spotify! A MUSIC streaming app has movie trailers, think about that. I know the process it would take to avoid trailers, so I guess what i’m saying is take a chance on new movies and try seeing movies without having any predispositions before doing so. Head to your nearest art house or indy theater and see something. Hell, pop open Netflix and search for something there!

Avoid trailers……except when we post them on here. Always watch the trailers we post. ALWAYS.



‘Baby Driver’ is incredible and indescribable

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer…

“An action movie that is driven by music.” That’s how Edgar Wright introduced this flick to a packed house the the Paramount Theater in downtown Austin. While that is an accurate description, this movie is so much more than that. The cast is great, the soundtrack is amazing, it’s funny and the cinematography/choreography is stunning. The way music is linked to action reminds me of a great musical. A musical with LOTS of police chases (The best kind). Expect Ansel Elgort to blow the fuck up after this. Seriously, he was that good. When this movie comes out later this year, you should be first in line to get tickets. I would write more, but I would just end up gushing about this masterpiece, spoiling every bit of it along the way. ‘Baby Driver’ is one of those movies that reminded me why I love movies.

Now, please excuse me, i’m currently rearranging my top 10 movies of all time.


‘Alien: Covenant’ Cast at SXSW

Last night I had the honor and the privilege to watch (about) 10 minutes of exclusive clips, never before seen, of ‘Alien Covenant’. It was particularly special because Ridley Scott, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride and Michael Fassbender all were in attendance. After the clips, which were awesome, they also screened the original cut of the 1979 classic, ‘Alien’. I have never seen ‘Alien’ on the big screen before, which made last night a dream come true.


Trailer Alert – Fate of the Furious #2

I want “HANG ONTO YOUR ASS” engraved on my tombstone with the Rock’s face engraved right beside it.


Weekly Roundup of Youtube Videos

Hello, friends. I’m thinking of starting a new series on here where I share some of my favorite YouTube videos from the past week. I subscribe to a multitude of different channels on the YouTube, so it should be pretty varied and unique. Think of this as my art gallery where I curate the finest paintings, but instead of paintings, they are YouTube videos. I don’t think I really needed that analogy, but I made it anyway. Enjoy week first weekly roundup!

[DAY 28 FINALE] I Waited an ENTIRE MONTH to be FIRST to Get a Nintendo Switch!

Last we saw and heard from CND it was day 2 of his month-long wait for the Switch. Here is the culmination of all his waiting.

WATCH WHAT I DO | DailyVee 180

Where are my GaryVee fans at? Just an all-around inspirational guy that has a knack for growing businesses. Read the rest of this entry

Ep 5 – The Infinity Stone Hunt

Call 401-285-8120 to leave us a voicemail with a comment, question or observation and we will play it on the next episode. Twitter – @MakeMoviesGreat

Opening (00:00 – 03:00), Trailer of the week (03:00 – 07:38), Fastest minute in movie news (07:38 – 13:49), Infinity Stones (13:49 – 43:50), Movie and comic recommendation (43:50 – 46:47), Closing (46:47 – 49:45)

LOGAN Spoilercast

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD – Review and synopsis of ‘Logan.’ Twitter @MakeMoviesGreat, Voicemail Number 401-285-8120.