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Trailer Alert – Final ‘LOGAN’ Trailer

There’s not much that needs to be said about this trailer; so i’ll just leave you with a Kevin Smith tweet about it.


Trailer ALERTS – John Wick 2 & Blade Runner 2049

Hold on to your butts…


John Wick 2

Blade Runner 2049

Trailer Alert – The Fate of the Furious

In what seems like an eternity since the last “Fast” movie, last night, the new trailer dropped….AND IT’S GLORIOUS.

WHAT. IN. THE. BLUE. HELL! Dom turned on the gang?! (More on heel turns later) It can’t be true. I don’t want it to be true. But I love it anyway! THIS is the way you keep the series fresh. Listen, I don’t go to my dvd collection of every Fast and Furious movie for deep and intricate plots or Daniel Day-Lewis type of immersion acting. I go to it for fast fun with cars, girls and a killer soundtrack–Something every Fast and Furious movie delivers on. Is it a bonus that they found a way to up the ante? Sure it is, but let’s be perfectly clear, this movie was going to be awesome no matter what. Three movies, or so, ago, they delivered a shot of adrenaline to the franchise in the form of a 6’5″ Samoan ball of charisma named Dwayne Johnson. And I feel like this movie is the sweet spot for his story arc. He brings balance to plot. Because, lets face it, if The Rock wasn’t there and Dom turned on his crew (with no Paul…RIP) they wouldn’t stand a chance, and the movies would be a little far-fetched. I do realize I just used “far-fetched” to describe a hypothetical plot when in the actual movies characters jump supercars from one skyscraper to the next via windows. I do realize that.

So, Dom turns bad and in return Kurt Russel sends for Jason Statham to join the gang after he and the rock escape maximum security prison. Everyone knows that the best part of pro wrestling is your favorite superstar going to the dark side and turning heel. The only thing close to as satisfying to a baby face heel turn, is a heel baby face turn. Which is exactly what is happening with the Transporter, Jason Statham. Black is white! Night is day! Our pets heads’ are falling off! Chaos in Fast and Furious land and I love it.

The rest of the trailer is high octane fun, with nuclear subs, tanks, wrecking balls and fast cars. The rest of the gang is back for this one too: Roman, Letty, Tej and even the Mother of Dragon’s secretary! Stacked cast, but…is it too much to ask to bring back these guys…


Get out the freeze chamber and put me down until this movie hits theaters!






Trailer Alert – War for the Planet of the Apes


My biggest gripe with these movies is the inconsistent cast (Other than Cesar and his other monkey friends). No one human actor makes it from one movie to the next and it kind of bugs me. I say “kind of”, because other than that I adore these flicks. They are the pinnacle of motion capture performances (fuck Avatar and the blue horse it rode in on) and truly show off what a big studio can do with CGI. 2017 is going to be a WILD year for Sci-Fi movies.


Trailer Alert – Spider-Man: Homecoming

The moment the MCU has been waiting for, for so long, is here!

PETER PARKER IS BACK…again. Regardless of the previous Spider-mens shortcomings, we should all be hyped for the first Spider-Man that will be woven into the MCU.


Trailer Alert – Transformers The Last Knight

The Last Knight Trailer OUT OF NOWHERE!

All about this movie. ALL about it. I didn’t think I was going to make it after hearing that Shia wasn’t coming back for ‘Age of Extinction’, but Marky Mark turned out to be a suitable replacement in one of my favorite (fight me) franchises going right now. This trailer shows some old faces (from the first 3 movies) and some fresh faces, which is a nice way of tying all of the movies together. Could we maybe see a surprise appearance by Shia in this one? Not likely, unfortunately. But a man can dream.


PS – Here’s a trailer breakdown from Nerdist for a closer look.

Trailer Alert – Wonder Woman


GOOSEBUMP CITY. First off, can I move to Themyscira? What’s the cost of living compared to RI? Taxes HAVE to be better. I think this trailer speaks for itself. There’s Nothing I can add that hasn’t already been decocted from this trailer. This movie looks dope. Plain and simple.

PS – I’m just going to call Chris Pine’s character “Captain Kirk”, If that’s ok with everyone. It better fits into the Star Trek fan faction i’m writing.


Trailer Alert – Life

Daniel Espinosa, director of Safe House, takes us into outer space for a sci-fi horror/thriller that looks like the spiritual cousin of the Alien franchise.

I’m not sure i’m ready for Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to share the big screen. How does the hype train not reach ludicrous speeds with a cast like that?! Give me all the space horror/thrillers, and give me them now.


Sidenote: Both writers are from Deadpool, and are currently working on Deadpool 2, so look for Ryan Reynolds to steal the show with one-liners.


Video Game Trailer Alert – Titanfall 2

Why do video games make the best damn promo videos? Like, I want this to be a movie starring Tom Hardy, yesterday. The music, the visuals, the feels. All great.

I’ve had this bad boy pre-ordered since July. Can’t wait for a single player Titanfall experience.