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The Future of Nintendo is here – Nintendo Switch


WOW. WOW. WOW. Nintendo straight up redefining the home console game with this one. A home console, that can be taken with you on the go, that takes cartridges AND that boasts a convertible controller for a multitude of applications. Nintendo is usually the king of cool gimmicks, but the Switch seems completely practical. No forcing you use motion controls. No forcing you to only use a giant touch screen controller. It looks like they took the last ten years of Nintendo tech and refined it into this cool little package.

The most fascinating part of the trailer shows e-sports players practicing Splatoon in a stadium hallway, before taking their consoles to the show floor for a competitive event. The implications of a portable console catering to e-sports are huge, and show a forward-thinking application for the hardware. (Via The Verge)

More details to come.

What do you think?



Trailer Alert – LOGAN

What a hell of a way to greet this wonderful Thursday. I woke up expecting news to be buzzing about the new Nintendo NX console, meanwhile the peeps over at Marvel pull a fast one and drop this nuke right on my dome piece. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. This is no normal superhero movie. Wolverine’s last stand is promised to grittier and darker than anything we’ve seen in X-men, or any other superhero, movies. Yeah, Deadpool was rated R and that was an awesome flick. I have a feeling this is going to be rated R for a whole other set of reasons. Get out the freeze chamber and put me into hyper sleep until March 3*.

*But please wake me for Rogue One. Then put me back to sleep.


Trailer Alert – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The gang is back! This time its Groot who rides on Rocket’s shoulders as opposed to the other way around. Give me more! But not too much more, but more than this. Also, MondoTees, get me a poster STAT.


Trailer Alert – *NEW* Rogue One Trailer

We are about 2 months away from the premiere and I can barely contain my erection. The visuals of this Star Wars flick is something like we’ve never seen before. It’s dark and bright all at the same time, it’s got power and passion oozing out of its characters and its all wrapped up in a nice bow made of nostalgia. Ask for more, you can not.


Trailer Alert -Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

It’s no secret (among my group of friends) that I am a HUGE fan of the Disney Pirates movies. Maybe it’s because I loved the ride as a kid (and an adult). Maybe it’s because I love pirates and pirate themed things. Or maybe it’s because once, at a medieval fair, I traced my families origins back to a family in Portugal that were known pirates (I’m basically a pirate). Whatever the reason, I know that I am all kinds of jazzed up for the next installment of this storied franchise. and who did they get as the antagonist? Javier Bardem! If you were to ask me who I wanted to be a baddie pirate in the new movie, Javier would have bee top-10, easily. Right after Bill Paxton, Kurt Russel and Nick Cage.



Trailer Alerts – Movie Trailer Roundup

Collateral Beauty

Will Smith is going to make me cry…Again.

The Girl With All The Gifts

Resident Evil meets 28 Days Later meets a bunch of kids.

Blood Father

Mel Gibson is BACK. I needed him. I missed him so.

Doctor Strange (Trailer 2)

Besides Civil War this is my most anticipated super hero movie comign out this year.

Go see a movie.


Trailer Alert – Passengers

After months of waiting, the trailer for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s movie Passengershas finally arrived.

The film follows Preston and Aurora, two passengers on a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet. Each were awoken decades before they were supposed to arrive at their destination, and are left to deal with the ship as it begins to malfunction. (Via The Verge)

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence…I shouldn’t have to say anything else about this film to get you to see it, but let me try…OUTERSPACE. Did that do it?

This movie feels like a way more adult version of rocket man. Just swap a chimp stealing a sleep pod for a “technical” malfunction and swap tubes of gross food for a robot bartender that seems like he was pulled directly from “The Shining”. I’m so excited to see this movie. In fact, i’ll be jumping into my own sleep pod in preparation (my freezer). Wake me when it’s in theaters.


Trailer Alert – Live By Night

GOD DAMMIT, Ben Affleck. You smooth S.O.B.. I will watch anything that Benny has his name attached to. Literally anything, but this? This is EXACTLY the type of movie I get excited for. Gangster movies are what I dream about at night, what I live for and probably the 2nd most well-represented genre in my movie collection (behind Sci-fi). I also like period pieces, so….make a gangster movie old-timey, have Ben Affleck write and direct it and I will probably be responsible for half its total box office. It’s a winning formula.


Jam Alert – My Favorite Part (Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande)