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Martell Davis Makes Pimpin’ Look Easy

“Martell Davis faces sex trafficking charges. He makes catchin’ pimps look easy. Martell Davis, 34, was clad in a t-shirt that read “I make pimpin’ look easy” when he was arrested in late July and charged with sex trafficking, according to federal court filings published this week by The Smoking Gun. Davis’ arrest was the result of an undercover operation by San Diego vice cops. A detective responded to an online prostitution ad and set up an $80 “date” for July 26 at a Best Western hotel. According to the report, a 17-year-old girl was waiting and officers promptly arrested her for prostitution. They then confiscated her phone and used it to text Davis, who they believed was her pimp. Posing as the girl, an officer asked how much to charge for anal sex, and Davis allegedly responded, “Oh sh*t make him break the bank babe,” and suggested at least $200. They texted back and forth for a while, and Davis agreed to pick the teen up later that night. When he showed up, cops arrested him and charged him with sex trafficking of a minor. Cops say Davis told them he did not know the prostitute was a minor, claiming just “just helping [her] out” and that he acted as “protection” for her.” – Huff Post

Martell Davis

Maybe not the brightest move. But Martell Davis needs to let the good people of San Diego how good he is at his job. In this case, that job happens to be illegal. Would we be ridiculing a librarian who walked around with a shirt that said “I Make Renting Books Look Easy”, or a firefighter with a shirt that said “I Make Spraying My Hose Look Easy”? I guess the latter suggestion is kind of inappropriate, but you get my point. Don’t hate Martell Davis, hate the pimp game for making it so damn easy for him.

– Ryan


James Lipton: A Man of the People

The man. The myth. The legend. And the pimp.

That’s right, everyones favorite TV host recently revealed he was a pimp in Paris during the 1950s. I can’t say I blame the guy. Post World War 2 Paris probably wasn’t booming with jobs. Your a handsome 25 year old man, why not try your hand at the prostitution game.

I’m not saying I approve of prostitution, but if I were a woman in 1950s Paris I’d be begging for James Lipton to be my pimp. How many pimps do you know that go on to become accomplished writers, composers and a dean emeritus of an acting school? He is the definition of a gentleman and a scholar, especially the way he conducted himself as a pimp. He “became great friends” with one of the prostitutes and “pandered a whole bordello of women”. I don’t know what “pandering a bordello” means, but it sounds wonderful, and everyone in the pimp game should take notes. He makes prostitution sound as wholesome as Sunday dinner with the family. Yet another reason why James Lipton has the greatest resume in the history of the world. End scene

– Ryan

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