Apparenlty Paris Hilton Makes Music Now

I vaguely remember reading something a while back about Paris Hilton being a DJ, which I’m hoping infuriated DJ’s around the world. I didn’t read the article because people like her and Kim K are always doing something to keep their names in the headlines. But apparently Paris Hilton is also a singer now, a singer with her own VEVO page, and her new song has almost 500,000 views in one day. I know some of those views are from girls who “can’t even” but still that’s a lot of views. Is America OK with Paris Hilton now? Are we so consumed with Kim K and Kanye that we just let this slide? Well not on my watch! Her video is basically her in an extreme amount of makeup swinging on a flower swing and riding a rainbow while singing to the moon. It’s like a gentle, comforting acid trip. And I hate it. Hate, hate, hate…

– Ryan

Thanks as always to Luna for the tip.

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