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Michigan State Completely Bogarting Daniel Bryan’s “YES” Chant

I love the chant! I don’t love that ESPN is claiming they started it!


Give credit where credit is due or else D. Bryan is going to have you tapping out faster than you can say “Peanut Butter”.


“Red Lightning” Must be Hard as a Rock Right Now

red_fowler02FSU is coming off a HUGE comeback win over Auburn and their ball boy, “Red Lightning”, must be beyond jazzed up. If the ACC had an all-star team for ball boys then “Red Lightning” would be a perennial All-pro. This guy has everything a good ball boy needs: Eyes like a hawk, hustle that doesn’t quit, the ability to carry multiple footballs at one time, and ruthless aggression towards the other team. Don’t believe me? Here’s his highlight reel.


Winning the Rose Bowl Means Nothing in Mike Dantonio’s Eyes



No easy buckets, guys. Just because you won the 100th Rose Bowl it doesn’t mean you can just pour the gatorade on your coach. You’re going to have to wake up pretty damn early in the morning if you want to get the jump on Coach Mike D. There is a reason why the nickname “Slippery Mike D” exists.


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