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Kid Absolutely Destroys Reporter With 6 Words

In probably my favorite background kid yelling reporter type video, this kid just destroys this lady with a quick sentence. “Fuck Her Right in the P***y” (I feel dirty typing it because we are a mother-fucking family blog!), That sentence has the power to shoot daggers into the ears of unwarned listeners. Those unwarned listeners just happened to be the people of San Jose and now, the world. Keep rolling little boy, you have so many more news broadcasts to destroy.


PS: D- effort by the reporter to recover. She basically crumbles under the weight of a 5 letter word and dips off camera REAL QUICK. If I was her I would have given that kid and Adrian Peterson style ass whooping…..too soon?

The End of The BCS Era – This Video is AWESOME


If you watch one video today, let it be this one. A short tribute to the BCS done by ESPN. Well done, ESPN.


“Red Lightning” Must be Hard as a Rock Right Now

red_fowler02FSU is coming off a HUGE comeback win over Auburn and their ball boy, “Red Lightning”, must be beyond jazzed up. If the ACC had an all-star team for ball boys then “Red Lightning” would be a perennial All-pro. This guy has everything a good ball boy needs: Eyes like a hawk, hustle that doesn’t quit, the ability to carry multiple footballs at one time, and ruthless aggression towards the other team. Don’t believe me? Here’s his highlight reel.


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