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Welcome to Tampa, Jameis Winston!


The hero Tampa needs and deserves is finally home! James Winston was taken first, overall, by the Buccaneers in last night’s NFL draft. Including Jameis, the Bucs have taken five QBs in the first round, two, including Winston, came with the first overall pick (The other being Vinny Testaverde). If you look at some other franchises in the NFL, COUGH COUGH Browns COUGH COUCH…..(See what I did there), that isn’t that bad. In their 40 years as a franchise they have 1 Super Bowl, 1 NFC title, and 3 Hall of Famers. All of these accolades in the VERY distant past. tempSEL_0036--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Since 2006 the Bucs have been perennially at the bottle of the barrel when it comes to performance. Regardless of star performers over the years they could never get it together; In steps Jameis Winston to save the day. We have the offense in place that could do damage in this heavy passing league the NFL has become, and I feel that Jameis will be right at home, literally and figuratively, in Raymond James Stadium. He has the fans behind him, which was something that couldn’t be said for other Bucs first rounders, like Josh Freeman.

Josh Freeman was a gamble in the 2009, coming in at the 3rd QB taken that year (Behind Sanchez and Stafford) the majority of Tampa Bay fans didn’t see him as the answer. It showed, as Freeman had one of the most img23662107roller coaster-like careers in Buccaneers history. Fan attendance wavered, even when the team was winning, and you could feel the disapproval in the air of our then signal caller, Freeman. A lot of people gave, and still give, Freeman shit for never fully developing into the QB he could have been. I’ll tell you what, 3 coaches, 3 offensive coordinators, a couple QB coaches, and a fan base that despised you didn’t help.

Fast foraward a few years, jameis-winstonpast the bright spots (Glennon) and the dark spots (McCown) and we have a team, a city, and a fan base that is ready for a first round quarterback. Jameis Winston will hopefully click with the youngish offense that we have in place and take this franchise to the next level. If Mike Evans can pull in 13 TDs from the likes for Glennon and McCown then there is no reason he can’t click with Jaboo.

I think the rest of the NFL draft will be crucial for the Bucs. They need to address multiple concerns on the offensive and defensive line as well as solve some depth issues at cornerback and wide receiver. I put all my faith in Lovie and Licht.


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PS- How good does he look in Pewter and Red



And Now, A Double RKO From OUTTA NOWHERE On Jameis Winston and That Poor Referee

Just because Randy Orton is on the disabled list in real life doesn’t mean he can’t keep RKO’ing fools from OUTTA NOWHERE. I saw the vine of Orton RKO’ing Jameis Winston pretty much everywhere last night and this morning, but this is the first double RKO video I’ve seen, and it is glorious. Jameis’s fall kind of makes it hard for the RKO to look good, but the referee might as well been wrestling Randy Orton, because his fall is absolutely perfect for the RKO. I’m glad we no longer live in a world where people can slip and fall down without consequence. If you fall down, and it is on film, you are getting RKO’d.

– Ryan

“Red Lightning” Must be Hard as a Rock Right Now

red_fowler02FSU is coming off a HUGE comeback win over Auburn and their ball boy, “Red Lightning”, must be beyond jazzed up. If the ACC had an all-star team for ball boys then “Red Lightning” would be a perennial All-pro. This guy has everything a good ball boy needs: Eyes like a hawk, hustle that doesn’t quit, the ability to carry multiple footballs at one time, and ruthless aggression towards the other team. Don’t believe me? Here’s his highlight reel.


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