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Daniel Bryan Set to Undergo Neck Surgery – Where Do We Go From Here?

No!Unfortunately, the rumors floating around earlier today (May 12, 2014) were true and Daniel Bryan has, in fact, suffered a neck injury that will take him out of action for an undetermined amount of time.

He didn’t reveal the extent of his injuries during his promo on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Greenville, South Carolina, but did get emotional when saying he will have surgery this coming Thursday.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back but I do know I will be back.


No announcement was made regarding the status of the WWE world heavyweight championship, so he is not being stripped of the title, at least not yet. They also failed to acknowledge the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for June 1 in Chicago, which could mean prior reports of his possibly making a return at that show are still possible and WWE simply doesn’t want to rule anything out just yet.

This leaves the heavy lifting to ongoing feuds between John Cena and Bray Wyatt, and Evolution and The Shield.


The WWE Universe got some sad news last night on Raw when Daniel Bryan confirmed that he needs legitimate neck surgery and will be out from 4-6 weeks. This is especially bad news since WWE is finally starting to run with Bryan as their champion/top dog after being reluctant to elevate him for so long. Just like the CM Punk saga opened the door for Bryan to finally reach that top rung, Bryan’s injury and subsequent surgery leaves a large hole that I’m hoping various superstars can fill.

  • The Cena/Wyatt feud has cooled off considerably since WWE had Cena win at Wrestlemania, but I have faith that these two can fill some of the void left by Bryan’s absence. Wyatt is at the point where he can carry a feud on promo’s alone, and hopefully Cena realizes that WWE needs him to step it up and drop the comedy shtick and starts investing in this storyline.
  • The Shield vs. Evolution continues to be a strong story, and the “Hounds of Justice” are better than they’ve ever been. HHH, Orton and Batista are natural heels and its really impossible to dislike The Shield at this point. Their match at Extreme Rules stole the show and I wouldn’t mind seeing the build to a rematch on the next three Raws leading up to Payback.
  • The tag team division is very strong right now, and it’s time to start building some serious teams. The Uso’s are the best team going right now, and are the rightful tag team champions. You also have teams like Rybaxel, Harper & Rowan, Cody & Goldust and even The Ascension in NXT. They’ve been slow building the tag team division for awhile, but now is the time to get it back on the map.
  • Secondary titles (IC, US) need to be important again. You have two great workers (Barrett & Sheamus) holding the titles with a slew of challengers just waiting for more spotlight. Personally, I’d love to see a Sheamus/Cesaro feud for the US title and a Barrett/Ziggler feud for the IC title. These are four guys that can give you 15-20 minute of solid, heavy hitting psychological matches. It even leaves room for triple threat/fatal four way matches with guys like Del Rio, Van Dam and Swagger.

The possibilities are endless for WWE right now, and even though you never want to see a guy get sidelined with an injury, they have enough talent to keep putting on quality shows. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

– Ryan

Happy Elimination Chamber Weekend!

The road to WrestleMania (and the WWE network) is well under way, with only tomorrows Elimination Chamber and a handful of Raw’s and Smackdown’s separating us from the granddaddy of them all. The Elimination Chamber isn’t usually included on most people’s list of the “Big 4” pay per views but more times than not it’s the first time we see most of the WrestleMania matches take shape. While wrestling sites have been speculating for weeks about the WrestleMania matches for most of the main eventers on the current rosters, there is one man who’s immediate future can literally go in any direction.

The giant swinging, receding hairlining, no knee pads needed Cesaro. I’m not here to pump Cesaro’s tires, or say he should be in the main event of WrestleMania, because he shouldn’t..yet. I’m here to plead, PLEAD, the WWE to do one thing this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber: end the show with Cesaro and Daniel Bryan in the ring. I dare anyone to tell me with a straight face that Cesaro, or Bryan, eliminating Randy Orton after the other three competitors have already been eliminated wouldn’t blow the goddamn roof off of the Target Center in Minneapolis. This match needs a title change, and it needs a title change that isn’t in jeopardy until the final pin fall. Why not let the last two participants be Bryan and Cesaro, so the WWE Universe knows the title HAS to change hands? Sheamus and Christian are non stories, John Cena, as much as I respect him, doesn’t need the title. Give me 10 minutes of Bryan and Cesaro to close the PPV and I’m a happy man. Or have HHH screw over Bryan, Orton win and create the worst WrestleMania main event in the history of the world. Balls in your court, WWE. Just know that denying Cesaro, is denying a 100 rotation swing.

The Instagram Reaction to Batista’s Royal Rumble Win Was a Rollercoaster of Emotions


I have to say I wasn’t happy with Batista winning the Royal Rumble last night. Something about a guy leaving for four years then being back a week and already having a main event spot at Wrestlemania rubs me the wrong way. My dismay was nothing compared to the reaction on Instagram.

The first three commenters seem to be on the same page. Between Daniel Bryan not even being in the Rumble and Batista eventually winning it, there were alot of pissed off fans. I can honestly say I’ve never watched a Rumble where the most popular guy (Bryan, by far) wasn’t included in the match. Not wanting someone to main event Mania is one thing, but not allowing the guy to even be in the rumble is just plain dumb.

While most of the commenters were pissed off, @paintrainexpress just wanted some answers: someone tell him who won the goddamn royal timbal! And while we’re at it make sure that last commenter knows another word besides boycott.

– Ryan

Michigan State Completely Bogarting Daniel Bryan’s “YES” Chant

I love the chant! I don’t love that ESPN is claiming they started it!


Give credit where credit is due or else D. Bryan is going to have you tapping out faster than you can say “Peanut Butter”.


Shia LaBeouf’s New Years Resolution Was Apparently To Be Insane

Source – As if his numerous apologies weren’t enough, Shia LaBeouf has now written his message in the sky.

The 27-year-old actor hired a skywriting company to spell out in block letters ‘I AM SORRY DANIEL CLOWES’ in the skies above Los Angeles.

It follows a month of increasingly wordy apologies, following the Transformer’s star’s admitted plagiarism of the cartoonist’s graphic novel.

So profuse have the apologies become, that they could be considered to be making fun of his critics. Further complicating matters, some of Shia’s apologies seem to be plagiarized also.

‘You have my apologies for offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of accurately realizing I was mocking you,’ he tweeted on Tuesday, sounding more trite than contrite.

The tweet was similar to a May article in in which a pro-life advocate mocked pro-choice supporters in nearly the same words.

He also apologized to the cartoonist using the same language employed by porn star Mr. Marcus after he was busted in 2012 for knowingly exposing co-stars to syphilis and also has cribbed apologies from Eliot Spitzer, Russell Crowe and Yahoo Answers, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The apologetic messages came after the actor earlier this month released his 12-minute short film starring Jim Gaffigan, but quickly pulled it after allegations of plagiarism arose.

Contrite or trite? Shia LaBeouf apologized again on Wednesday to graphic artist Daniel Clowes for stealing from his work without attribution

What the hell is wrong with Shia LaBeouf? In this day and age, is plagiarizing the dumbest thing someone can do? If you plagarize there is a 1000% chance you’ll get caught. Anyone in the world can type in your script and see if it was used before. Which is probably exactly what happened. To make matters worse, he’s plagiarizing apologies and writing sky notes. Basically telling everyone to s his d and he doesn’t give a shit what everyone thinks. Perfect way to start the new year and change everyone’s already horrible opinion of you. Although I’m absolutely stealing the sky writing move for the next time I do something dumb. Semi power move.

– Ryan

Daniel Day Lewis’s Son is a Apparently a Rapper Named Gabe Day

(Source) His name is Gabe Day. And, as this young rapper defiantly tells us, it’s not Gabe Day-Lewis, because if you call him that, he’ll “Gabe Day Lose It.” If you haven’t figured it out yet, Gabe is actually the son of Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

One of the funniest aspects of the Gabe Day persona is the fact that this profanity spewing, aspiring Nas protégé is an undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence College. Sarah Lawrence is a small liberal arts college in New York; it was also originally founded as an all-female institution. We hope that Sarah Lawrence’s dope girl/ boy ratio is worth the $60,000 dollars a year that’s being forked over so Gabe can embrace his musical talent and pursue his major in waking and baking.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to awkward at the Lewis house this year. I can sense Daniel Day Lewis’s disappointment from here, because nobody takes acting more serious than Daniel Day Lewis. Nobody. And I guarantee he wanted his son to become an actor. Probably trained him to become a method actor as a kid. While most kids went out and played basketball on the weekend, Gabe Day was trying to perfect his Brando in The Godfather. So naturally he grew up to be a rapper. I don’t know how great of an artist he is, but his rapper name is awful. Gabe Day? So you took your given name and dropped Lewis. Got it. Plus it sounds really similar to game day or gay day, and I can’t imagine that being a good thing for a rapper. His name might suck, but the kid has “the look”. Grey long sleeve shirt and a backwards hat? That’s as hardcore gangster as it gets.

– Ryan

Monday Night Raw Recap – 8/12/13

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett w/ guest ref Brad Maddox

Good match. Daniel Bryan get’s “cheated” out of the win with the Maddox fast count, yet still looks good as he got in a lot of offense. He hasn’t had a bad match in what seems like years. bryan2 copy

Orton vs. Sandow

Really good match. I wouldn’t mind these two feuding, as Sandow could carry the feud on the mic and Orton Is still super over with the crowd. Orton wins after Cody provides the distraction and Sandow gets RKO’d. jh copy

PS- Love Sandow’s briefcase.


Sneaky good Ambrose/Shield promo I can’t see Ambrose losing the US Title anytime soon

Great Lesnar promo! Need more of those. Followed by a CM Punk promo where he quotes one of my favorite TV characters of all time, Omar from the The Wire: “you come at the king, you best not miss”.

Khali and Natalya beat Big E Langston & AJ Lee Filler match, with the ref missing the original submission finish. Probably the last time you see that ref.

VKM/Maddox/HHH promo Maddox as the special guest ref at SS? Or is it HHH? Judging from the pedigree, looks it’s going to be the three H’s.

P.S. Vince’s suit. Male Woof.

mkr copy

You can always tell the worth of a man by the way he takes a pedigree. #wwe @arda_ocal

— Mattchew (@MattyV1989) August 13, 2013

Kane vs. Titus O’Neil Kane wins a short match with a choke slam. Here comes the Wyatt’s! Usual entrance, with Bray Wyatt sitting in the rocking chair, while Rowan and Harper enter the ring and stalk their prey. Swerve! Kane sneaks out of the ring, and with the flick of his wrists makes fire come out of the ring posts! Quick, effective segment. Can’t wait for the ring of fire match at Summerslam.

P.S. The goat mask that Erick Rowan rocks is going to be a fashion staple for the Fall of 2013. You can either jump on board or be left in the dust.


Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

So glad Kofi is back. Another really good match. Del Rio makes Kofi tap out, but Kofi looked really good in this match. I’m also glad he now wears pants to the ring.

Christian Promo Could it really be his last match? I really hope not.

Zeb Colter and The Real Americans I don’t think there is anyone in the WWE who is better than Zeb on the mic right now. “Letting immigrants cross our boarders like a hoard of rats.”…”if California floats into the Pacific Ocean that is 2.5 million reasons why America is a better place to live.” He could turn any crowd on himself. maxresdefault_crop_north

Also, can we talk about Cesaro’s flag cape? Pure power moves all-around for the Real Americans.


The Real Americans vs. The Usos

Decent match, with The Uso’s picking up the win with a roll up. I’m not sure where they’re going with this storyline, but as much as I like the Uso’s, I’d love to see Cesaro and Swagger got a shot at the tag titles.

Miz TV featuring Cena and Daniel Bryan

Great back and forth. Bryan is slowly becoming a great promo guy and Cena always has an awesome rebuttal. I don’t think HHH needs to be involved, which goes to show how good the lead up has been. They’ve done a great job hyping this match and I think it’ll be the best match of the night on Sunday.

Fandango vs. R-Truth (kind of)

Fandango and R-Truth have a weird dance off. I have to imagine the Miz TV segment ran long so they rushed this one. At least we got to see sweet Summer Rae image WOOF

20 Man Battle Royal – Winner faces US Champion Dean Ambrose at Summerslam

Normal battle royal match. Cool spot with Kofi, Cesaro and Swagger towards the end of the match as Kofi got thrown over the top rope but held onto Cesaro and his feet dangled but never touched the ground ala HBK at the Royal Rumble. RVD and Mark Henry are your final two participants, with RVD picking up the win. The Shield’s music hits, but before they can take out Henry and RVD, the Big Show returns! Could setup a Big Show/Henry vs. Reigns/Rollins match.

Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

Heyman comes out and runs down Punk on the mic, eventually bringing out Brock Lesnar. He tells Punk he has two choices, either be the “smart coward” and stay backstage and live to fight another day (Summerslam), or be the “stupid hero” and get his ass kicked tonight. Punk’s music hits, but there is no sign of Punk on the entrance ramp. He comes out through the crowd, grabs a camera and bashes Brock over the head. Lesnar takes head shots better than anybody. He beats Brock down with a chair, then chases Heyman up the ramp, where is greeted by Curtis Axel, who gets a GTS on the ramp for his troubles. RAW ends with Punk standing tall and Lesnar licking his wounds outside of the ring.

Overall a really good RAW, with several solid matches and an unbelievable back and forth promo between Cena and Bryan. If you weren’t excited for Summerslam before RAW, you should certainly be excited now.

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