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I Dare You Not To Ball Your Eyes Out – Dear Peyton

I got to be honest, i’m not even a huge Peyton Manning fan. Yeah i’m in awe of what he was able to accomplish in his NFL career, but I was never actively rooting for him until this last Super Bowl. But this commercial? Are you fucking kidding me Gatorade? Way to make me weep like a school girl while i’m at work. There’s something about sports videos like this, that point to a legacy career or call out to something amazing, that really get me right in the feels. Bambi gets shot? Yeah, it’s sad, but put on “4 Days in October” and i’ll gush like a 16 year-old who got stood up on prom night.



Gatorade’s 50th Anniversary Commercial Is Wonderful

Gatorade and Nike, they just know how to make inspiring sports commercials. Gatorade is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2015, so it’s fitting that it would commemorate that milestone with all the moments that made them one of if not the top beverage of choice for athletes everywhere. Personally I like Red Bull, but that’s probably why my 40 yard dash time is astronomical. Enjoy the commercial, and mix in some Gatorade with your vodka this weekend to celebrate.

– Ryan

Winning the Rose Bowl Means Nothing in Mike Dantonio’s Eyes



No easy buckets, guys. Just because you won the 100th Rose Bowl it doesn’t mean you can just pour the gatorade on your coach. You’re going to have to wake up pretty damn early in the morning if you want to get the jump on Coach Mike D. There is a reason why the nickname “Slippery Mike D” exists.


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