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Rapper Wais P the Pimp Was Arrested For, You Guessed It, Promoting Prostitution

YA DON’T SAYWhat’s in a name?

A rapper known as Wais P the Pimp, who contributed to Jay-Z tracks in the 90s, was charged with promoting prostitution on Thursday, police said.

Malcolm Byer, 41, of Teaneck, N.J., who is better known by his rap alias, was arrested on Wednesday after appearing in Manhattan Supreme Court on a DWI charges, law enforcement sources said.

Byer grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and was part of the New York City hip hop scene in the 1990s, according to a bio on his Facebook page.

The rapper dubbed his musical style as “pimp hop” and has said it explores the pimp lifestyle. He has released several tracks in recent years.

“I’ll have you turning more tricks, than Cirque du Soleil is, or Blue Man group, only difference is, you got to bring me back that loot,” Byer rapped on the 2010 song “You See It.”

You Don't Say

Mr. P the Pimp is going to catch a lot of flack for this arrest, and rightfully so, but something needs to be said about a guy who stands by his word. Being a pimp isn’t just a rap name for Malcolm Byer; he is an actual pimp. I love that. Rappers literally have any name at their disposal. They can choose Jim W the Garbage Man or Fancy Feet Rick. The possibilities are literally endless. So if someone is going to go out of their way and name themselves a pimp, it warms my heart to know that he is an actual pimp. Unfortunately for Wais, prostitution is illegal, so he should probably think about another career and change his rap name. It’s hard out there for a pimp.

– Ryan

A Florida Bus Driver Got Busted Trying to Solicit a Prostitute While Driving His Bus

FLORIDAJust a quick pit stop.

A Florida bus driver is accused of trying to pick up a prostitute while on duty, WFLA reports.

Rodrigue Macharie, 43, was arrested in Sarasota County on Thursday when he solicited an undercover police officer working a prostitution sting around 9:45 a.m. on Tamiami Trail, according to WWSB. The bus driver, who works for the Sarasota County Area Transit shuttling disabled passengers to appointments, had 45 minutes to spare before his next pick-up.

“There was a period of disbelief when the bus pulled up and that it looked as if this was actually going to be a transaction,” said Sgt. Demetri Konstantopouls of the Sarasota Police Department.

Police said that Macharie paid the undercover officer $20 for an undisclosed sexual act, MyFoxTampa reports. He was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute.

Authorities clarified the location of the alleged sexual solicitation.

“He did not want to have the intercourse inside the bus,” Konstantopoulos said.

Macharie was placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.


Are things going well when you’re trying to get a prostitute at 945am? I have to imagine they are not going well. Also, it’s never a good sign when the police in Florida are in disbelief that someone is this stupid. Do you know how much stupid shit they see? I have a bunch of blogs that prove people in Florida are insane, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of just the tip, what’re you getting for $20? If you’re going to solicit a prostitute, at least go all the way. Get the honeymoon package and have yourself a day. After all, it’s only 945am. You have a full day of prostituting ahead of you.

– Ryan

Welcome to Florida, Where People Offer Salad to Prostitutes

FLORIDAPolice conducted a reverse prostitution operation that resulted in the arrest of 10 men, including one who thought he could pay for sexual services with a salad and another who is a former local basketball star, Daytona Beach police said

What Happened to the Days When You Could Buy a Hooker With A Roll of Quarters

mug shot greenwood

“A man in Greenwood, S.C., was arrested for buying a roll in the hay with a roll of quarters, police say

Larry Collum, 63, was arrested Wednesday evening after police pulled him over because he was driving his SUV very slowly down the street.

There was another reason: The cops noticed Rhonda Kelley, 41 — a known prostitute — was in the passenger seat, reported. At first, Collum told police that he was just giving Kelley a ride home, but later admitted having sex with her in exchange for the $10 roll of quarters. Police located the roll on Kelley, but she denied the romp, reported. Collum was charged with solicitation of prostitution while Kelley was booked on prostitution charges. Collum was taken to the Greenwood County Detention Center, where he allegedly told officers he paid to have sex with the woman because his wife had been in a nursing home for 13 years. He added that he had made a serious error in judgment, according to the Greenwood Index Journal.” – HuffPost

Everyone needs to get off Larry’s back! This guy tears through his couch cushions, lifts every rug in the house, and reaches between the seats of his SUV to scrounge up enough change to buy himself a good time, and the police ruin the party? Typical police activity, just kicking a man while he’s down.  This guy probably had the good sense to roll his own change instead of getting ripped off at a Coinstar machine, and this is how society repays him? Throwing him in the slammer, from catching some dome from a $10 hooker? It’s a disgrace, can’t a guy just live?


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