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Have Stranger Things Fever? You’ll Love Millie Bobby Brown Rapping A Season 1 Recap

Millie can rap!

Stranger Things YouTube Link

At this point I would judge you if you DIDN’T have Stranger Things fever, because as good as season 1 was, season 2 was even better. It focused more on the whole cast (and even brought in a few new characters: RIP Bob. You were too good for this world). I loved all the pairings, especially Steve and Dustin and the re-connection of Mike & Eleven. If you haven’t watched ST2 yet and need a refresher on the first installment, Millie Bobby Brown has you covered. The fact that a 13 year old is this talented blows my mind. Enjoy!



Ja Rule Is Upset That Wikipedia Has His Height Wrong, Does Not Understand How Wikipedia Works

Ja Rule is a lot of things, but a master of the internet is clearly not one of them. Apparently he came across his own Wikipedia page, and of all things, was upset that his height was listed wrong. He also simultaneously does and doesn’t know how Wikipedia works. On the one hand, yes, it is inaccurate, which is what happens when ANYONE can edit a web page. On the other hand, he suggests that somebody should “fix his shit”, which is exactly how Wikipedia works. I also like how he used his mug shot to confirm how tall he is. That’s kind of bad ass. If he had never been arrested he would have had to have someone stand next to him with a tape measurer or a bunch of rulers taped together. Infinitely less cool. Regardless of Ja Rule’s internet prowess, we’ll always have the memories:


Rapper Wais P the Pimp Was Arrested For, You Guessed It, Promoting Prostitution

YA DON’T SAYWhat’s in a name?

A rapper known as Wais P the Pimp, who contributed to Jay-Z tracks in the 90s, was charged with promoting prostitution on Thursday, police said.

Malcolm Byer, 41, of Teaneck, N.J., who is better known by his rap alias, was arrested on Wednesday after appearing in Manhattan Supreme Court on a DWI charges, law enforcement sources said.

Byer grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and was part of the New York City hip hop scene in the 1990s, according to a bio on his Facebook page.

The rapper dubbed his musical style as “pimp hop” and has said it explores the pimp lifestyle. He has released several tracks in recent years.

“I’ll have you turning more tricks, than Cirque du Soleil is, or Blue Man group, only difference is, you got to bring me back that loot,” Byer rapped on the 2010 song “You See It.”

You Don't Say

Mr. P the Pimp is going to catch a lot of flack for this arrest, and rightfully so, but something needs to be said about a guy who stands by his word. Being a pimp isn’t just a rap name for Malcolm Byer; he is an actual pimp. I love that. Rappers literally have any name at their disposal. They can choose Jim W the Garbage Man or Fancy Feet Rick. The possibilities are literally endless. So if someone is going to go out of their way and name themselves a pimp, it warms my heart to know that he is an actual pimp. Unfortunately for Wais, prostitution is illegal, so he should probably think about another career and change his rap name. It’s hard out there for a pimp.

– Ryan

Fact-Checking Rap Meme Won The Interwebs Today




Monster Blog Wednesday: Del Fuego’s Greatest Hits

We honestly don’t know how to preface this week’s monster blog. Let’s just say that while Del Fuego started his journey on YouTube, we wouldn’t be surprised if he ended it playing at the Grammy’s/some guy’s basement. While the Average Nobodies technically didn’t discover him, we want to be the one to push him to the top. Be the Usher to his Justin Bieber, the Sonny to his Cher, the Dr. Dre to his Eminem. Now, onto our favorite freestyles:

After Gym Freestyle

My favorite part of the After Gym Freestyle (and ever other freestyle for that matter) is the way he clearly looks at the scenery around him and creates his freestyle from there. You really need to watch this one to the end so you can hear him name drop Luxury Cleaners and Hess. Bad ass city, population Del Fuego. The bad news from this rap: Del Fuego is apparently a public masturbator, which is really just a haunting image. He also does not care about red lights or speed limits, and the strip club took away his knife :(. The good news from this rap: Del Fuego will still fuck you even if you’re A.) Fat or B.) Ugly. Also, just so we’re all clear, he’s only at the gay bar for the hay.

– Ryan

Drivin to Work Freestyle

I get it, some mornings you wake up and say “I feel like freestyling on my way into work”. For BDog, that morning was just one of those days. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, I’m pretty sure my grandma and her friends drop a sick beat on the way to church, but what makes this freestyle different from all the others are the lyrics. Pure, raw, creative, unfiltered, and real are a few words you could use to describe these rhymes. I wouldn’t use those words to describe them, but I guess you could. Let’s get one thing straight, I’ve watched pretty much all of his videos and there is one overarching theme, masturbation. Public, private, on drugs, all types of masturbation. I can’t say I’ve ever included masturbation into any of my casual at home freestyles but I can’t knock the hustle. Another key part of his fresh rhymes is his clear disregard for the law. Lines like “I shoot weapons at your wife, YA!” and  “I don’t give a fuck, sign says stop, Ima keep going” show that BDog is clearly not a man to be messed with. I wouldn’t step to him on my best day.

I leave you with this, the one line that will forever be burned into my brain.  “i’m peeing, I wear a diaper, I drive a Viper”

Keep doing you, BDog.


PS- So Bdog drives around with CD’s in his car of just rap instrumentals? Savage move.


Brian Williams Rapping the News to ‘Rappers Delight’ is Everything I Never Knew I Needed

I need to find out who edits these videos for Fallon and shake his hand, because these are amazing. ‘Rapper’s Delight’ is the newest installment from last nights episode and it’s easily my favorite one. Who knew Brian Williams could break it down like that?

– Ryan

This is How You Get Divorced

If I ever get divorced, this is EXACTLY how I’m handling things. Even if I’m happily married I might get divorced just to be as cool as this guy. This video may only be 17 seconds long but his wife seems a little ungrateful to me. The guy obviously has some serious talent*. He’s living his dream. If I could quote Chris Martin, “nobody said it was easy”. You think Kanye, or Biggie, or Mark Wahlberg rose to fame overnight? Hell no they didn’t. They busted their ass for years. Fame and fortune doesn’t sit on the curb waiting to be picked up. It dances with the daring. And if this anonymous man isn’t daring, then I don’t know who is.

– Ryan

* He should probably find a day job.

Yeezus & Indicud

This Tuesday, Kanye West released his newest album, Yeezus. After reading the blow jobs it was getting from critics I had to see what it was all about. Admittedly I like all of this dudes albums, even 808’s & Heartbreaks. It sucks that he’s an arrogant asshole, but if I was that good at something I would let people know. Hell I do now and all I’m good at is drinking. Anyways, the album is an original. That’s the best word I can use to describe it. Lyrics, production, and even the packaging are original. My favorite track hands down? Blood On The Leaves. The only downside is that it’s only 10 tracks, but odds are ill be jamming to them all summer. Another track I really like is Guilt Trip featuring Kid Cudi. Kanye’s former protege. In the song he sings “if your love me so much then why’d you let me go?” Which brings me to Indicud.

Indicud is Kid Cudi’s latest album in which he produced every track from top to bottom. Taking a page out of West’s book. I’m a huge fan of this one. Also very original in the same aspects as Yeezus. It seems as if Cudders developed his own genre on this album. My favorite track? Red Eye. Kid Cudi’s lyrics in this song are few, but the production is unreal. He calls it his version of The Chronic, by Dr. Dre. And if you’ve actually listened to it, cudi nailed it. Earlier this year cudi and west parted ways. Bringing me back to his lyrics in Guilt Trip on Yeezus. Kanye had hoped Cudi would follow his footsteps, but with the release of Indicud, he’s made a name and style all for himself.

I’m assuming there’s no bad blood between the two, and hoping for collaborations in the future, but for me these are the two best hip hop albums of the summer so far and if you’re an adult and pay for music, they’re well worth the $10 each.


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