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Larry David Will Bring His Fantastic Bernie Sanders Impression Back To #SNL When He Hosts February 6th

During Ronda Rousey’s pleasantly good SNL on Saturday, we learned who the next host is going to be when they return in two weeks: Larry David. He’s popped up a few times this season with his perfect Bernie Sanders impression, and I have a feeling that David’s Sanders might go toe to toe with the real Bernie on February 6th. Either way, you know you’re in for a pretty, pretty, pretty good show with Larry at the helm.


Monster Blog Wednesday – Blizzard Names

Living in Rhode Island, we’re not strangers to winter storms. Every winter, the Northeast gets hit with snow, with some years being worse than others. Last year, we got hammered for almost 3 straight months, and even as someone who enjoys the seasons and likes snow, it was a bit much. The 2015-2016 season has been a lot easier on us, as we’re entering the third week of January without any significant snow. According to weather people everywhere, that’s about to change. Instead of complaining about it, we decided to have some fun with it, and name the blizzard that will rape and pillage all the milk and eggs from Stop N Shop.

Winter Storm Norm

winter storm norm

The most important parameter to follow when naming any storm is rhyming. If you don’t get tickled at the thought of a fictional winter storm with a rhyming name, then you shouldn’t be able to leave your house, and if you can’t leave your house then what’s this all been about? Winter Storm Norm is stoic, classy, can play the Sax and is the type of guy you go to with woman troubles. Think of him as a Ron Swanson that could cover your home in 10 feet of snow if he wanted to. This weekend I plan on holding up in the basement of my house with a beer(s), New Girl on netflix and a blanket to keep me warm and let Winter Storm Norm rock me to sleep.


Blizzard Mona Lisa Vito

Ryan storm

I want my blizzards to have a little sass and attitude, and who has more sass and attitude than Mona Lisa Vito? Nobody. I want a blizzard that comes in guns blazing, blanketing us in snow and spitting in our eye at the same time. The red dress might make you think that she’s here for a good time, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Blizzard Mona Lisa Vito is here to break your heart and drop copious amounts of snow on your ass. A classic tease, Mona Lisa Vito is coming in for the weekend, not even giving us the pleasure of a day off from work.


The Person Walking Around The Blizzard In Boston Dressed As A Yeti Is The Hero America Needs #Juno

BlizzardA ‘yeti’ has stepped out of myth and onto the snowy streets of Massachusetts.

A person wearing an abominable snowman costume was photographed roaming a Boston suburb as a blizzard led to closure of roadways overnight on Monday into Tuesday.

The Boston Yeti debuted mysteriously on Twitter at about 10 p.m. Monday and wandered the deserted streets of Somerville, a Boston suburb, around midnight, after a travel ban went into effect.

The mythological creature’s account joked that “multiple #BostonYeti2014 sightings” had forced schools to close.



I don’t know who this person is, or what their plan is, but as long as it doesn’t end up in multiple stabbings or home invasions I think they should be applauded. Some of us go to the liquor store and stare out the window while drinking Busch Lights and some of us dress as the abominable snowman and walk around Boston in very dangerous conditions. Juno thought she could waltz her sweet ass in here and we’d just bow down to her and lock ourselves in our homes. Well let this be a lesson to Juno and any other future storms that think they can assert their dominance on the Northeast: we have a Yeti, and Yeti’s ain’t afraid of a little snow.

– Ryan

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