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Glad To See Randy Quaid Is Doing Well


It’s honestly shocking to me that Randy Quaid knows how to upload a video to Twitter. Look at that guy. He is the dictionary definition of insane. The fact that he’s allowed to walk around and film himself yelling into a camera and also knows how to upload that video to Twitter is kind of astounding. I didn’t dig too deep into his Twitter profile because I don’t feel like hanging myself today, so I’m not sure who he plans on voting for, but I’d bet a large sum of money it won’t be Hillary Clinton. If I’m someone who’s on the fence going into this election, watching this video might make me vote for Hillary just so Randy Quaid disappears back into the abyss.


My Favorite Sketch From Larry David’s #SNL – Bern Your Enthusiasm

Overall, Larry David’s SNL was a welcome surprise, although it probably shouldn’t of been. He’s been great on ‘Curb’ for years, and his brand of humor translated over to SNL seamlessly. The best example of that was the pre taped ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ sketch. David played Bernie Sanders (wonderfully as usual) during the Iowa caucus. Watch and enjoy.


Larry David Will Bring His Fantastic Bernie Sanders Impression Back To #SNL When He Hosts February 6th

During Ronda Rousey’s pleasantly good SNL on Saturday, we learned who the next host is going to be when they return in two weeks: Larry David. He’s popped up a few times this season with his perfect Bernie Sanders impression, and I have a feeling that David’s Sanders might go toe to toe with the real Bernie on February 6th. Either way, you know you’re in for a pretty, pretty, pretty good show with Larry at the helm.


Larry David Stole The Show As Bernie Sanders During SNL’s ‘Democratic Debate’ Cold Open

I knew SNL was going to spoof the democratic debate during Saturday night’s show, but what I did not expect was Larry David to make a surprise cameo and steal the show, and possibly even the season. He was SO GOOD. When he first appeared, I knew it wasn’t Sanders but couldn’t put my finger on who it was, because whoever it was, it looked just like Bernie. Then I recognized the voice, and after that it was pure bliss. SNL is probably the only show in the world where a writer quits the show because none of his sketches made the air and then 30 years later he’s starring in the cold open sketch as a presidential candidate.  This was probably the sketch of the night, and I wouldn’t be mad if Larry showed up again for an encore.


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