I’m Torn On Whether to Love or Hate Tom Brady After This Weekend’s Kentucky Derby



Tom Brady experienced the ultimate high and pretty close to the ultimate low this weekend at the Derby. Flying into a gala in a hot air balloon is insane. Just an incredible move. Personally I think it’s cooler than taking your own jet. The jet game is overrated and expensive. The hot air balloon game is barely tapped into and nobody expects it. I love it. But then he’s got that haircut and those red pants. I know he’s married to a supermodel and she apparently dresses him and has him get fancy haircuts, but this is absurd. Absurd haircut. Ruined any momentum his hot air balloon stunt created. I want to like Tom Brady. He lives a great life. Seems like a cool dude. But I can’t respect a guy with that haircut. Or those pants. That’s asking too much of me.

– Ryan

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