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The Coots Family Are All Determined to Die From Snake Bites

Snakes?The son of a snake-handling Kentucky preacher who died from a snakebite says he’s recovering from his own rattlesnake wound.

Cody Coots tells the Lexington Herald-Leader ( ) he was bitten on a finger as he removed snakes from a cage on Monday.

The 21-year Coots says he declined medical treatment from an ambulance crew. Instead, he says he relied on prayer for healing.

Coots says he told the Lord he wouldn’t go to the hospital.

He says his hand swelled and he vomited repeatedly, but by Tuesday the pain was gone.

Coots is a fourth-generation snake handler and had been bitten five times previously.

His father, Jamie Coots, died of a snakebite in February. Following his death, Cody Coots took over as pastor of the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church in Middlesboro, Kentucky.

Tom Hanks – Really?

I sincerely don’t understand this. The snake handling part makes sense. People have been handling snakes for million of years. But if I saw my father die from getting bit by a venomous snake and refusing to get medical help, I’d probably get medical help if I got bit by a venomous snake. Maybe that makes me unfaithful. Maybe that makes me a non-believer. But I’d rather be alive with two fully functioning hands and a rocky faith system than dead. Deader than a dead moose. I guess that’s the difference between myself and a snake handler. I’m not insane.

– Ryan

I’m Torn On Whether to Love or Hate Tom Brady After This Weekend’s Kentucky Derby



Tom Brady experienced the ultimate high and pretty close to the ultimate low this weekend at the Derby. Flying into a gala in a hot air balloon is insane. Just an incredible move. Personally I think it’s cooler than taking your own jet. The jet game is overrated and expensive. The hot air balloon game is barely tapped into and nobody expects it. I love it. But then he’s got that haircut and those red pants. I know he’s married to a supermodel and she apparently dresses him and has him get fancy haircuts, but this is absurd. Absurd haircut. Ruined any momentum his hot air balloon stunt created. I want to like Tom Brady. He lives a great life. Seems like a cool dude. But I can’t respect a guy with that haircut. Or those pants. That’s asking too much of me.

– Ryan

Josh Hutcherson Got the Mockingjay Salute From Wildcat Fans Last Night

Josh Hutcherson, native of Kentucky, showed up for the Wildcats game last night.Footage of his appearance was uploaded to YouTube

Apparently students of UK aren’t only rabid basketball fans, but Hunger Games fans as well.


Mockingjay salute for Peeta! Stay classy, Kentucky Wildcats.

H/T BuzzFeed

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