Conrad Farnsworth is a Cocky Bastard

Conrad Farnsworth is the cockiest high school nerd I’ve ever seen.

Just get a load of this guy.

Conrad Farnsworth

So Conrad here, makes a nuclear reactor at home and submits it into his science fair (impressive) and then proceeds to be kicked out of the fair entirely. This arrogant piece of crap has been in too many science fairs! So I don’t care if you’ve built a homemade atomic collider under your entire neighborhood, you’re too greedy Conrad! Let the kid with the vinegar volcano or the poorly crafted model of the solar system have a chance. You’re winning too much.

Also you’re attending the South Dakota School of Mines next year. What the fuck? Why aren’t you going to MIT or something. This stinks to high heaven of plagiarism.

Sean Lite

P.S. it could be plagiarism because he’s one of 15 high schoolers to accomplish this feat. I’m sorry what? How has this happened 15 times? All
15 of these kids better be on an FBI watch list…

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  1. I grew plants, poorly, for my science project. This screams superhero villain to me.

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