Monster Blog Wednesday: Our Favorite Ric Flair Promos #NatureBoy

Ric Flair

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WOOOOO! Has there ever been a sound you associate with someone as quickly as you associate the WOOOO with Ric Flair? ESPN aired their latest 30 for 30 last night, Nature Boy, which chronicled the incredible life and career of Flair. While the WOOOO has taken on a life of it’s own over the last few years at different sporting events, Ric Flair has been a household name in the wrestling industry since the 70s. While he may not be as popular with the non wrestling crowd as Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold or The Rock, Flair was THE MAN in WCW (the southern equivalent to New York’s WWF) for almost all of the 80s and early 90s.

Imagine someone with the energy level of a Hulk Hogan, but instead of talking about saying prayers and eating vitamins, he was talking about how rich he was. Or how much better than you he was. Or about how many women he had sex with last night. Flair had swag before swag was a thing, and he had the wrestling prowess to back it up. To celebrate the release of Flair’s 30 for 30, we decided to bring back the Monster Blog and talk about our favorite Ric Flair promos. This wasn’t an easy task, as Flair has about 100 promos that could be considered all time, but we narrowed it down to two. Enjoy. WOOOOOO!

Your World Champion

Flair was a master at hyping up his own opponent, because he knew he’d only look good if he beat someone who also looked good in the eyes of the audience. It’s sort of a lost art in pro wrestling, as most guys are busy bashing their opponents, and the only name I can think of that does it well is Paul Heyman. Flair starts the promo off talking about himself, which happens in literally every Flair promo, but he quickly switches gears to talking about his latest challenger, Lex Luger. Flair points out that Luger is a former NFL player and has one of the greatest physiques he’s ever seen. Luger might be able to beat most champions, and but he won’t beat the WORLD champion, because that’s Flair, and Ric Flair can go all night long.

As a side note, I’m very upset we never got that Flair presidential run.


The Dirtiest Player in the Game, Ric Flair

Easily one of my favorite Flair promos, which was pretty hard to find, is this one from 1987 with David Crockett. This promo/interview completely embodies what Flair’s character is––he’s better than you, in fact, he’s better than everyone. He only drives the best, dates the best and is the dirtiest player in the game. Skip to 3:00 for PEAK Flair. That last few minutes are like Flair loaded his words into a machine gun and started firing straight down the barrel of the camera. Unlike most modern wrestling promos, this one is quick-witted and cuts so god damn deep. Can’t wait to see his 30 on 30…I really hope this promo makes it in.


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