Broadway cast of “Lion King’ hijacks a Subway

The Lion King cast on a subway

Just a casual morning with the cast of Lion King…

Talk about your all-time morning commutes! I would like to say that I would just be sitting, possibly video taping, and enjoying the nice serenade on my way into work, but let’s be honest I would probably be ripping a small baby from the arms of its mother and raising him/her to the ceiling of the subway car like Simba on pride rock. I would also be singing right along, so that, paired with the screaming childless mother, it would kill their harmony….it’s probably best i don’t take the subway, or live in New York. The Lion King rocks so hard.

Thanks to Lindy Nash for finding this tremendous video!


I know this wee bit of viral marketing from somewhere…..

holy change of plans I was going to put ‘The Office’ “Sweeney Todd” video up, but this REAL one is way better.


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