Finn Balor Could Be Making His Main Roster Debut At Tonight’s Raw In London #WWE #RAW

It’s purely speculation, but Finn Balor tweeted this out earlier today.

Finn Balor’s Twitter:

He’s with the main roster for WWE’s current tour of Europe, and he’s also going to be backstage for tonight’s Raw. Out of the current crop of stars down in NXT, Balor showed up the most ‘main roster ready’. With Neville already making his debut and looking fantastic doing it, it’s only a matter of time before Balor is also up there. Since it’s always fun to fantasy book, why not bring Balor up to challenge Cena for the US title tonight? He’s already going to be over with the crowd, and putting him against Cena from the get go would show the WWE Universe that this is a guy you should be paying attention to. The tapings will start in about an hour, but I’ll be staying away from the spoilers as best I can until show time here in the States. If you’re watching Raw tonight, we’ll be live tweeting the show over on Twitter @averagenobodies.


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