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I Sincerely Hope Showing Up To Prom In A Hearse & Coffin Doesn’t Become A Thing

Talk about making an entrance.

Megan Flaherty, a student at Pennsauken High School, decided not eschew the traditional prom entrance in limo or fancy car and instead showed up in a wooden coffin, complete with her own hearse. In the video that’s quickly going viral, Flaherty’s date Stephen Caldwell and family friend Dennis McGee are seen opening the back of a hearse and unloading a casket.

Doing her best Undertaker impression, Flaherty then rises out of the casket (holding flowers and wearing a bright blue dress) as fellow students watching burst into applause.

The scene, though unusual by prom standards, actually makes sense because Flaherty hopes to become a funeral director after college.

“She just really took to it,” her mom Susan told about her daughter’s career aspirations. “She thought it was an honorable thing and an honorable way to make a living.”

Flaherty’s brother, who does not plan on becoming a funeral director, was also at the prom. He did not arrive in a hearse. – SI.COM

I’m simultaneously worried and fascinated by this story. On the worried hand, this girl showed up to prom in a hearse and wooden coffin. Her date, who is probably wondering where it all went wrong, helped her out of the hearse along with a ‘family friend’ who I guess just does these type of things? On the fascinated hand I need to know everything about Megan Flaherty. Not only did she pull this stunt off, but she wants to be a modern day Paul Bearer and become a funeral director.  I understand that’s a real job but it’s not one I would really think about as a future career choice. I just didn’t think people aspired to be funeral directors. Then along comes Megan Flaherty and turns my entire world upside down. What a world we live in.

Also, my favorite part about this article are the last two sentences. I guess we can’t all be funeral directors.


Jaden Smith Went To Prom Dressed as Batman Because Of Course He Did


Jaden Smith had his high school prom this weekend just like everyone in the world, except of course, not everyone is Jaden Smith. I understand Jaden Smith lives in a different world than most teenagers, but does he think prom is a costume party? I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he thought ‘Prom’ was some kind of alien term for ‘Halloween’ and decided the only way to save the universe was to dress up as Batman. It’s impossible to know what goes through this kid’s mind, but in a way I’m kind of jealous. It’s definitely a deranged move to actually wear a costume to prom, but you just know that every girl at that high school and every high school within 1000 miles was dying to go to prom with him. You go over his house to take pictures and meet his parents, WILL AND JADA PINKETT SMITH. My dad eats 5 popsicles a night, Jaden Smith’s dad saved the world from an alien invasion and played Muhammad Ali in a movie. All the chicks are going to pick Jaden for their prom date. I hate the costume, but I respect the player.

– Ryan

H/T USA Today

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