Jaden Smith Went To Prom Dressed as Batman Because Of Course He Did


Jaden Smith had his high school prom this weekend just like everyone in the world, except of course, not everyone is Jaden Smith. I understand Jaden Smith lives in a different world than most teenagers, but does he think prom is a costume party? I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he thought ‘Prom’ was some kind of alien term for ‘Halloween’ and decided the only way to save the universe was to dress up as Batman. It’s impossible to know what goes through this kid’s mind, but in a way I’m kind of jealous. It’s definitely a deranged move to actually wear a costume to prom, but you just know that every girl at that high school and every high school within 1000 miles was dying to go to prom with him. You go over his house to take pictures and meet his parents, WILL AND JADA PINKETT SMITH. My dad eats 5 popsicles a night, Jaden Smith’s dad saved the world from an alien invasion and played Muhammad Ali in a movie. All the chicks are going to pick Jaden for their prom date. I hate the costume, but I respect the player.

– Ryan

H/T USA Today

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