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Jaden Smith Went To Prom Dressed as Batman Because Of Course He Did


Jaden Smith had his high school prom this weekend just like everyone in the world, except of course, not everyone is Jaden Smith. I understand Jaden Smith lives in a different world than most teenagers, but does he think prom is a costume party? I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he thought ‘Prom’ was some kind of alien term for ‘Halloween’ and decided the only way to save the universe was to dress up as Batman. It’s impossible to know what goes through this kid’s mind, but in a way I’m kind of jealous. It’s definitely a deranged move to actually wear a costume to prom, but you just know that every girl at that high school and every high school within 1000 miles was dying to go to prom with him. You go over his house to take pictures and meet his parents, WILL AND JADA PINKETT SMITH. My dad eats 5 popsicles a night, Jaden Smith’s dad saved the world from an alien invasion and played Muhammad Ali in a movie. All the chicks are going to pick Jaden for their prom date. I hate the costume, but I respect the player.

– Ryan

H/T USA Today

Jaden Smith Had The Most Enlightened & Philosophical Response To The Dress Controversy

Well, there you have it. As usual, Jaden Smith, the moral compass of our society, has the final word on another controversy. Obviously there is no dress. OBVIOUSLY. I bet everyone feels really silly now that it turns out there is no dress. White and gold, black and blue. It was all made up. Now we can all go back to our regularly scheduled lives until another controversy pops up that we’ll need Jaden Smith to clear up for us. In the meantime, here is my response to Jaden Smith:


– Ryan

If This is What Qualifies as “News” in 2014 Please Kill Me Before I See 2015.

news copy

Which Jenner is that? Is Kylie the one that can’t read or is it the other one? It would really suck for her if she is the one that can’t read because apparently she can’t dress either….ZING. I digress. Is this what we are calling “news”? The fact that two famous offsprings of more famous (I use famous loosely) people are eating at restaurants NEAR each other? Not even at the same place! Two different restaurants at two different times. But you know, because they were within a mile of one another and their lunch times happen to overlap a little, this is news. Good god, journalism at its finest!


PS – I could of told you Justin Bieber would eat at a place called “Rainbow Bar & Grill”. Fits him perfectly.  What an asshole.

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