Update To The Update: Charles Manson & Star’s Wedding Is Still On!

Love is in the AirAfton Elaine Burton is engaged to America’s most infamous mass murderer and now, the woman who calls herself “Star,” is giving her first interview about her strange relationship with the man most consider a monster. She said, “Yes, I am going to marry Charlie Manson! I think he’s the most handsome man in the world.” Star became obsessed with Charles Manson when she was a teenager in Illinois working at McDonald’s, and for the past nine years she’s lived just outside the Central California prison so she can see him twice a week, but no conjugal visits are permitted. She is 27 and Manson is 80, not to mention the fact that he’s got virtually no chance of ever walking free. “I’m going to stick with him whether or not he’s in prison,” she declared. She recalled the first time they met, saying, “I just thought he was the cutest thing. He probably asked me ten times if I wanted to get married.”

In a recent phone call between Burton and Manson, he asked, “So, are we sure together?”

She replied, “Yeah.”

Manson asked, “Are we solid together?”

“Yes,” she replied.

He then asked, “Are you my wife?”

“Yes,” she answered.

Manson then asked, “Until death do us part?”

I can't wait to see how this turns out

Well it turns out love isn’t dead after all, although I’m a little suspicious of this interview. Manson was the one who originally called off the wedding because he found his bride to be only wanted to marry him so she could gain possession of his corpse after he died and make money off it by displaying it in public. Now Star is saying the wedding is still on, but I want to hear that from Manson before I get too invested again. Because this is the bizarre world we live in, Inside Edition decided they should interview Star about her relationship with Manson. Is there really nothing else going on in the world that they can report on? Do we really need to feed into this story anymore than we already have? Apparently we do, because according to Star, the marriage is still on, and we also get a fascinating look into their phone conversations. OF COURSE Charles Manson would ask his fiancé if she’ll be his wife until death do them part. Of course he would. For now, it looks like the wedding is back on, and I hope it stays that way. My heart can only be toyed with so much.

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