This Guy Should Probably Stop Driving Immediately

On Your Left A pensioner was caught on CCTV footage as he smashed up 10 cars while attempting to exit a car park. The 92-year-old motorist can be seen reversing out of his initial parking space carefully, before he appears to lose control and rams into the car in front of him. He then reverses, hitting the back of another vehicle, before speeding off through the car park at a shopping centre in Wisconsin.

Moments later, the pensioner can then be seen flying into another parking space, hitting the side of a red pick up truck as he does so. With his bumper hanging off and debris left on the road, the man careers off into another parking space, dangerously close to even more parked cars. The driver of the pick up truck then leaps out of his car and gives chase, although it is not clear what happens next.

Police have released the CCTV footage and have said: “A medical emergency may have been involved.”

Saying this guy should not be driving is the understatement of the century, but I’m going to say it anyway: he should not be driving. This is just horrifying stuff. Flying around the parking lot, banging into everything in sight; if this was caused by a medical emergency, why did he keep driving? I’m not trying to say the police are wrong but you’d think if something happened to this guy he wouldn’t keep driving around and crashing into cars. He’d probably stop and wait for help, right? In this guys defense, when your 92 years old, you’re probably past the point of giving a shit, and crashing into everyone else’s car in the parking lot is just another day in the life of a gangster.

– Ryan

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