Justin Bieber Is Ruining My Life

Justin Bieber as Robin?!

There is a solid chance this is a hoax, but hoax or not, this is one of the worst pictures in the history of the world. I got my heart ripped out last night watching Breaking Bad but that’s nothing compared to how I felt when I saw this picture. This move has the potential to ruin movies for me. If I have to watch Justin Bieber be Robin, or any character in any movie ever, then we as a society have failed. He failed miserably as the host of SNL, and I can only imagine how many squinty faces he’d make if he was actually given a prominent role in a feature film. Way to make a rainy Monday worse than it already is, Bieber, and may God help you if this is real.

– Ryan

P.S. IF this is real, the transition from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Justin Bieber as Robin would be the worst in movie history.

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