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Robin Thicke is Reason #1000 Why It’s Easier to Be a Celebrity

AlanRobin Thicke will stop at nothing to get his gal back.

The 37-year-old singer has reportedly written a new song in effort to work things out with his estranged wife, Paula Patton, and will perform it at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, according to TMZ.

“I should’ve kissed you longer/ I should’ve held you stronger,” are some of the lyrics from the hearlfelt ballad titled “Get Her Back.”

“All I wanna do is make it right,” the track continues via the gossip site.

“I gotta get her, go get her back/ I gotta treat her right /I gotta cherish her for life”

This is not the first public attempt Thicke has made to make things right with Patton, who he has been involved with since his teenage years.

He has opened up at several of his concerts since the pair’s separation announcement, made in February after eight years of marriage, stressing how he wants to work things out.

Patton, 38, recently spoke out about the split in Vanity Fair’s June issue, telling the mag, “there’s a deep love there — always was, and always will be.”


Wait, am I supposed to feel bad for Robin Thicke? If you play the game you can’t get mad when the game ruins your life. That’s how it works. You can’t travel around the world seducing everybody and having sex with every girl who gives you the eye and expect your hot, actress wife to be OK with it. Also, let’s not forget that Robin Thicke has the one thing working for him that can heal this marriage: he’s a celebrity. Your wife caught you cheating? Write her a song that you can perform at an award show so she has no choice but to watch it. Make the lyrics all lovey dovey so she REALLY knows you mean it. It really is that simple. If I wrote my ex girlfriend a love song and tried to sing it to her I’d be trespassing and breaking probation. But Robin Thicke does it and he’s a hero. Game ain’t fair. Game ain’t fair.

– Ryan


Happy “How I Met Your Mother” Day


Today marks the end of a 9 year journey for Marshall, Barney, Lilly, Robin, and Ted. Tonight the New York gang says goodbye to both their fans and each other as they each take a separate path. Marshall and Lilly will be moving to Italy, Ted took a job in New York, and the newly weds, Robin and Barney will start married life in New York. This last season, and more specifically, the most recent episode, has given me all the closure I need for this sitcom, and if that’s is the case then what can I expect from the finale? Personally I think HIMYM still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Don’t be surprised if this one is a tad more tear-jerkier than other series finales like it. I think we are in for a wild ride of emotions.


Think about this going into the finale: Why is Ted telling his kids this story? What sparked it?

I think we find out tonight.

Hugh Hefner Wins Halloween For the 87th Year in a Row



The grass is green. The sky is blue. Hugh Hefner had a better Halloween than everybody else in the world combined. These are the facts of life.

– Ryan

P.S. How solid is Robin Thicke today? When the Hef dresses as YOU for Halloween, you know you’ve made it.

Poll – Superpowers: What You Got?

In a world of 9-5 jobs and bills something has got to keep people sane. My something happens to be thinking about having superpowers. Most of the time it is the usual stuff: Flying, x-ray vision, invisibility, super strength, etc. But sometimes the superpowers I wish I had get a tad more specific to the situation at hand: knowing all the answers on Jeopardy, having the ability to make beer and food appear in the fridge, and super grass mowing abilities. Ok, maybe those superpowers are a little less practical than others, but superpowers none the less.

So, what superpowers do you wish you had? Answer the poll below and if you don’t see one that fits you, comment below and let me know!


Justin Bieber Is Ruining My Life

Justin Bieber as Robin?!

There is a solid chance this is a hoax, but hoax or not, this is one of the worst pictures in the history of the world. I got my heart ripped out last night watching Breaking Bad but that’s nothing compared to how I felt when I saw this picture. This move has the potential to ruin movies for me. If I have to watch Justin Bieber be Robin, or any character in any movie ever, then we as a society have failed. He failed miserably as the host of SNL, and I can only imagine how many squinty faces he’d make if he was actually given a prominent role in a feature film. Way to make a rainy Monday worse than it already is, Bieber, and may God help you if this is real.

– Ryan

P.S. IF this is real, the transition from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Justin Bieber as Robin would be the worst in movie history.

Paula Patton Needs To Kick Some Ass

(Source) “Robin Thicke and Paula Patton stepped out on Wednesday night, where they got hot and heavy – with a few lip locks on the red carpet.

The couple, who have been married for eight years, stepped out at the Treats! Magazine cover party where he sang “Blurred Lines at No. 8 in New York City, amid claims that the “Blurred Lines” singer made out with New York socialite Lana Scolaro following the MTV VMAs.

A photo of Robin groping Lana’s backside was posted on her reported Instagram following the VMAs.

Paula’s rep previously released a statement to Access about Lana’s claims.

“It’s just a girl looking for some attention. Paula and Robin”

As well all know, this photo of Robin Thicke surfaced a few weeks ago, marking the first time a celebrity has ever been caught cheating on his wife:


Aggressive ass grab. You and I both know Robin Thicke took this girl to pound town later that night. That’s what happens when you have nice hair and a really nice voice. This was Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton earlier this week:


PDA’ing like some type of animal. Over the top “he’s all mine, we’re good” performance on the red carpet. I understand she has to put on a front, they have a baby together blah blah blah. Fuck that. Robin Thicke’s a bum, or as he’s referred to around my apartment complex, the poor man’s George Michael. Anyone can sing a soulless song like Blurred Lines. Come up with something that has the heart and soul of Father Figure or Freedom then come talk to me. You know Paula really banged Denzel in 2 Guns right? He’s definitely got a bigger dick than you. I digress. Point is, Paula Patton is too good for this guy. She needs a real man, and I just so happen to know someone who’s recently single…


Clooney. Game. Set. Match.

– Ryan

P.S. Alan Thicke must be rolling over in his grave.

Miley Cyrus Has Ruined Tongues For Me Forever

Did I feel weird writing that title? Yes I did, but I can’t ignore my true feelings. I was a believer in Miley Cyrus. I defended her through her crazy hair stage and ignored the now apparent fact that she’s completely insane. Here is Miley’s performance from last nights VMAs:

Pretty weird performance, but I’m not going to stifle her bizarrely creative process. If someone wants to dry hump an oversized bear let them do it. The one thing I, and everyone else probably noticed, though. was that Miley stuck her tongue out. A lot.


Almost an awkward amount of times. Combine that with the fact that she was overly sweating and her hair was what my nightmares now consist of, and you have one guy who is officially off team Miley. I’ll never look at tongues the same way again. All I can think of is all the horrible places that tongue has been. The horror!

– Ryan

P.S. Hey Miley, this is how it’s done


Robin Thicke featuring Jimmy Fallon & The Roots – Blurred Lines

How cool is Robin Thicke? Number one song in the world and still finds the time to cover his own song with classroom instruments. It must be a musician’s dream come true to go on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Not only can you rock out with Jimmy, but his house band is The Roots. Musical talent like you dream about. I didn’t think this song could get catchier. I was wrong.

– Ryan

P.S. Can’t hurt that this is his dad. Male woof.


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