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The Doctah Is Playing The World’s Smallest Violin For Johnny Depp’s Financial Woes #Disneyland

Johnny Depp’s ex-managers, in a lawsuit, allege that the actor’s extravagant spending led to his losing millions of dollars. Depp disagrees.

“Why didn’t they drop me as a client if I was so out of control?” Depp told the Wall Street Journal. “I’ve worked very, very hard for a lot of years and trusted a lot of people, some who’ve clearly let me down.”

Depp sued The Management Group in January, claiming that after he fired them, his new business manager discovered misconduct in the form of TMG collecting fees he never agreed to, failing to file Depp’s taxes on time and loaning out his money without authorization. Depp believes TMG led him to be more than $40 million in debt.

In a countersuit, his ex-managers Joel and Robert Mandel said their company did what they could with Depp’s finances, but it was the actor’s expensive lifestyle that was his downfall. – Yahoo

Johnny Depp talking to his financial managers

Pirates.  Blow.  Gilbert Grape.  All epic.

Apparently, for Johnny, it hasn’t been enough.  Depp has fired his management company, and after investigations, has found that this management company is the reason he’s $40 million in debt.  He has also set a lawsuit against them.

Depp’s ex-group, the shadily named The Management Group (shady right?) has blamed Depp’s expensive lifestyle for his downfall. Depp spent 2 million per month which he could not afford. Depp has bought yachts, and luxury wine, and has 14 residences.  

So let’s just stop right here.  This is a story of pure greed and mismanagement.  Johnny, I love you – idolized you in Blow.  But Johnny, how do you mismanage 40 million?  Better yet, how do you let someone else mismanage your money and pay them for it?

And on top of that, how do you trust a company called The Management Group?  I’d rather trust Neuralink and they are fucking with brains.

14 residences? Johnny, liquidation always works.

And how do you only make 40 million from all those Blockbusters?  Johnny, if you need a new negotiator, friend, financial manager, Buddha, and/or a lawyer, I’m here for you.  I won’t use big words, BUT I guarantee I won’t lose $40 million of your money.

Pure stupidity people.  Be smart with your $30,000 annual salary – even celebs are broke.

~The Doctah~

Arnold Schwarzenegger Adorably Congratulated Sylvester Stallone On His Golden Globe Win Via Snapchat


One of my favorite parts about last night’s Golden Globe’s was Sylvester Stallone’s incredibly deserving best supporting actor win for his role in ‘Creed’. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really go out of your way to check it out, because both Stallone and the movie itself are really great. Stallone’s speech was great as well, and both during and the after the ceremony, Sly received congratulations from a lot of his peers and fans. One of those congratulations came in the form of his good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who congratulated Sly via Snapchat with an adorable video. Is the Oscar next for Sly? Arnie seems to think so, and I’m not going to disagree with the Terminator.


Here’s Danny DeVito Walking A Dog In A Dress (The Dog, Not Danny DeVito)


I don’t know what this is for and I don’t care. I don’t need context in this situation. It’s Danny DeVito walking a dog who is wearing a dress. It’s wonderful. I used to think that DeVito was this great actor who turns in one of the most insane performances as Frank Reynolds on Always Sunny, but I think it’s pretty clear that he’s just batshit crazy.

– Ryan

The Guy Who Voiced Charlie Brown Went APESHIT On A Judge After He Was Sentenced To 124 Days In Jail

Peter Robbins is not having the greatest day. He also seems to have lost his mind. When I woke up today I didn’t expect to hear Charlie Brown’s voice yelling at a judge because he got sentenced to jail, but that’s the beauty of life sometimes. He’s also not a big fan of his lawyer, and if I had to go out on a limb, he probably doesn’t like people in general. The ‘he’s got a gun!’ part was admittedly my favorite, and now I’m going to watch this video until the end of time.

– Ryan

– via UPROXX

UPDATE – Dennis Quaid’s Outburst Was Kind Of A Hoax After All

Dennis Quaid you tricky son of a bitch. Earlier in the week Dennis Quaid “freaked out” on a movie set and cursed everyone out. Well it turns out that just like everything else in the world, it was a prank. A finely executed prank, might I add. Nowadays when something like this happens people call it bullshit right away, and rightfully so. Funny or Die, Jimmy Kimmel, the YouTube pranksters that rushed the ring overseas at Smackdown; everything is a joke. What I liked about this prank is that it wasn’t really a prank, it just kind of played on our psyches. When you hear Dennis Quaid yelling like this, you’re mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that he’s a spoiled actor who’s yelling at these poor crew members for no reason. Well it turns out there was actual horse shit, crew members dressed as zombies and a guy in a penis costume all right out of our views, so Dennis Quaid was right all along. Now all he needs to do is get back on Ellen and all will be right with the world. DENNIS QUAID IS HERE!

H/T NY Daily News

Farewell Richard Attenborough, The Greatest Dinosaur Theme Park Creator of All-Time

This one hurts. Richard Attenborough was a legitimate badass of the silver screen, winning two Oscars for Best Picture/Best Director of Ghandi, as well as appearing in movies from 1942 to the 2000s. Plus he was a Lord, which is probably the coolest thing a human can be besides a king, queen, prince or princess. Obviously my generation knows him as John Hammond, the mastermind behind Jurassic Park. In 1993, before CGI and crazy special effects, Jurassic Park was IT. I had never seen something so incredible on a movie screen before. And at the heart of Jurassic Park was it’s white haired, awesomely accented creator, John Hammond. I didn’t need a reason to go re-watch all the Jurassic Parks, but now I have one. And can somebody please go check on Jeff Goldblum? Lord knows we need family now more than ever.

– Ryan

Our Best Friend Bryan Cranston Won a Tony Award Last Night

We meet/scare the shit out of Bryan Cranston in New York City and two months later he wins a Tony award. Coincidence? I highly doubt it, but when your best friend wins an award you celebrate him. That’s what best friends do. When I win an award for being the best left fielder in the Warwick, Rhode Island Mernick Division of men’s softball I expect him to be the first phone call I receive. But for now, I’ll let him have the spotlight. Best friends forever.


– Ryan

P.S. Legitimate best friends forever.

Today in Misleading Headlines, Anthony Hopkins Spits Blood in a Cops Face and Tells the Cop He Has Hepatitis C

SourceAn Indiana man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly spit blood into the mouth and face of a police officer and told the officer he had Hepatitis C.

Anthony J. Hopkins, 27, was in the process of being arrested in the early morning hours of April 12 for allegedly fighting with an unknown person, then attempting to flee from officers.

In recently released police documents reported by The Indy Channel on Monday, one witness described being fearful of Hopkins.

Officers eventually found Hopkins hiding in a basement crawl space. A K-9 officer was used to remove Hopkins from the area, causing bite wounds to the suspect, according to The Star Press.

After coming out of the crawl space, Hopkins turned around, spit blood onto an officer’s face and in his mouth, and said, “F-ck you, I hope you die,” according to the report.

As the officer who had been spit on tried leading the suspect up the basement stairs, Hopkins allegedly struggled against him, sending them both falling down the stairs. Officers eventually managed to get Hopkins outside.

“You know I have Hep C,” Hopkins allegedly said as he spat blood on the back of a patrol car once outside.

“I hope you get Hep C and give it to your wife and kids,” Hopkins reportedly said. “Once I get out of here I’m going to kill you and your family…”

Pretty horrible story, right? Well this is what the headline looked like on the yahoo home page:


Talk about misleading. How is that your headline for this story? Anyone with a brain looks at that and thinks oh my Jesus Anthony Hopkins has lost his mind/when did he get Hep C? When I found out it wasn’t THE Anthony Hopkins I was kind of relieved but then I read the rest of the story. Talk about something escalating quickly. This cop probably thought he was responding to an ordinary drunk and disorderly and then he met Anthony Hopkins. Not only was it not the actor but it was one of the worst humans in history. Anthony Hopkins also kind of sealed his fate too, as I can’t imagine threatening a cops family is taken lightly. Moral of the story: Anthony Hopkins does NOT have Hepatitis C.

– Ryan