Donald Trump Will Be The 45th President of the United States


I was trying to think of a funny title for this post, but nothing about last night, and the 2016 Presidential election in general, was funny. It was an exhausting, mostly hate filled campaign from both sides, and no matter the outcome, it seemed like the majority of American’s wouldn’t have been happy. While what Trump can do as President remains to be seen, the way he got there is very depressing. The fact that so many people voted for a guy who used such hate filled rhetoric, mocked disabled people, boasted about sexual assault, declared an entire nationality of people rapists and called his foreign policy plan a secret is dumbfounding to me. Now the other side will argue that the candidate I voted for deleted her emails, and while I struggle to find the common ground between all those things I listed and deleted emails, this is now the new America. A vote for Trump is a vote for bullying, racism, sexism, prejudice, lying and self absorption. That’s who Donald Trump is, and while he’ll be forced to work with people to get things done as President, the way he arrived to the White House, and the nastiness of people who supported him along the way, will never be forgotten. You can blame Trump, because he’s the figurehead for this entire ‘movement’, but he’s a 70 year old who’s been this way his entire life. His supporters, some of whom are my friends and family, are the one’s I’m the most disappointed in. Yes there are people, well informed and logical people, who voted for him. But there are also people who deep down felt the same way Trump felt and were just waiting for someone else to say it. That’s scary to me, because they didn’t vote for a guy with a solid plan to fix America domestically and internationally. They voted for a guy who mumbled his way through speeches, spewed hate upon anyone who dared go against him, and brought out the gutter worst in people. I’m ashamed to be apart of a country that thinks all the things that Donald Trump said and did are not only okay, but the right path for the future of this country. You’ll see a lot of tweets and think pieces about how we need to unite as a country after this election, and while that’s true, we should not forget how this election made us feel. We elected a shitty human being as President of the United States, and I have no faith that it’s going to get any better from here.


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