Coincidence That Nina Adgal Gets the SI Swimsuit Cover Two Weeks After She’s Spotted with Leo? I Think Not

They are both in relationships, so Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal raised a few eyebrows when they apparently left a club together at 5am.

The pair were partying at Club Avenue in New York until the early hours of Monday morning after the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Wolf Of Wall Street star and Sports Illustrated model were spotted walking from the venue one after the other before piling into the same car and speeding off together.
Daily mail, February 4th


Nina Adgal better give Leo some extra special loving tonight. One week she’s leaving a club with him, the next she’s chosen for the cover of the SI swimsuit issue. Once again proving my theory that everything Leo touches turns to gold, and that the only thing that surpasses his taste in movie roles is his taste in woman. Go on with ya bad self.

– Ryan

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