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078 Avg Movie Club – The Wolf of Wall Street

Matt and Ryan take and in-depth look at the Scorsese classic, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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Justin Bieber is Ignoring the Most Important Rule of Life: When You Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

IdiotThe Biebs outbid Leo!

Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio got in a bidding war over a Bulgari necklace at a live auction at Cannes Film Festival’s annual amFAR Cinema Against AIDS event, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The exquisite piece of jewelry was reportedly a13.05-carat aquamarine stone with 19.12-carats of pavé diamonds.

DiCaprio, 39, and Bieber went back and forth for the Bulgari stunner, worth around $204, 000, during the exciting auction. “The Wolf of Wall Street” actor put in his final offer in at around $476,000.

The 20-year-old pop star, who apparently wanted to purchase the gem for his mother, was clearly not intimidated by the high-profile movie star and came out the winner by offering $545,000.

Despite DiCaprio’s loss to the “Baby” singer, a bidder at the same event did pay $1 million to accompany the suave star on the Virgin Galactic trip to space.

Not a smart move by Bieber. Clearly DiCaprio let him have his fun and walk away with the fancy piece of jewelry. If you think Bieber got the best of him in this situation then you care clearly high. Leo could’ve dropped a couple million on that jewelry and ended it then and there, but sometimes it’s better to lose the battle and win the war. In this case the war being the luckiest guy in the world paying $1 million to go to space with Leo, which might be the bargain of the century. I’d sell all of my personal belongings and those of my friends and family to go to space with Leo. Just do horrible, horrible things for that opportunity. As far as Bieber is concerned, he just woke up the hornets nest. I doubt DiCaprio ever forgets this and will probably carry on a lifelong vendetta against Bieber until he’s a worthless pile of trash. There’s a storm coming Mr. Bieber. You and your stupid friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large without King Leo coming for a slice of the pie.

– Ryan

Coincidence That Nina Adgal Gets the SI Swimsuit Cover Two Weeks After She’s Spotted with Leo? I Think Not

They are both in relationships, so Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal raised a few eyebrows when they apparently left a club together at 5am.

The pair were partying at Club Avenue in New York until the early hours of Monday morning after the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Wolf Of Wall Street star and Sports Illustrated model were spotted walking from the venue one after the other before piling into the same car and speeding off together.
Daily mail, February 4th


Nina Adgal better give Leo some extra special loving tonight. One week she’s leaving a club with him, the next she’s chosen for the cover of the SI swimsuit issue. Once again proving my theory that everything Leo touches turns to gold, and that the only thing that surpasses his taste in movie roles is his taste in woman. Go on with ya bad self.

– Ryan

My New Goal in Life is To Be Best Friends With Leonardo DiCaprio


Best friends gotta hug! Surprising to see Leo show up on SNL because he basically hates all types of talk show appearances, but when your friend asks a favor you show up and reenact the Titanic with him. This proves two things: Leo is probably the coolest guy in the world and Jonah Hill has the greatest group of friends in history. Franco, Rogen, Pitt, DiCaprio. Save some for the rest of us man.

– Ryan

P.S. I hope Clooney see’s this. You can only spurn my advances for so long before I move on.

Could This Be Leo’s Year? A Quick Look at His Career and Oscar Chances


Few people have had a better, more consistent career than Leonardo DiCaprio. This year, at age 39, he was nominated for his THIRD best actor Oscar, 20 years after he was nominated for his first Oscar (best supporting actor for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape). Getting nominated for an Oscar twenty years apart is a pretty impressive feat within itself, but it’s what happened between those two Oscar noms that has brought Leo to where he is today.

All he’s done since his first Oscar nomination at the age of 19 was star in a slew of classic movies, dominate the profession like DeNiro did a generation before him and become the muse for one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema. Oh, and he’s picked up three more Oscar nominations as well. Seriously, look at Leo’s movie lineup and name me one GLARING flaw. Obviously not all of his films achieved critical and box office success, but the movies he’s been in since ’93 and now for this ongoing 12 year stretch are insanely consistent. From 2002-2006 he made five films: Gangs of New York, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, The Departed, Blood Diamond. That’s a good career for most actors. Leo turned it into a 5 year stretch of awesomeness. He made two films in 2008 (Body of Lies, Revolutionary Road) that were good movies, but nothing spectacular. He then followed that up with three monster performances with a weird J. Edgar in the middle: Shutter Island, Inception and Django Unchained. Those are 7 of the best movies of the past 12 years that had one huge thing in common: Leonardo DiCaprio.

All those memorable performances and fantastic movies have led to this year, where Leo is nominated for an Oscar for the fourth time in his career, this time for playing the wall street con man Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street. This year, just like every other year at the Oscars, Leo is up against a stacked list of nominees. I didn’t see Dern or Ejiofor, but I think it’s safe to say both men were very good in their lead role. I did, however, see Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. Bale was great in American Hustle, but with a great cast who all hit their performances out of the park, I think it will be tough for Bale to come away with the win. McConaughey was fantastic in Dallas Buyer’s Club. His physical transformation was mesmerizing and haunting, and he stole just about every scene he was in, which is quite the accomplishment considering he was in 95% of the scenes in the film. Without seeing Dern or Ejiofor, he’d be my early favorite to win. But I’d like to see Leo, 20 years after his first nomination, take home the golden statue. Either way, I can’t wait for March 2nd. May the best man win.

– Ryan

It’s Leo’s World. We Should Just Be Happy to Be Along For the Ride

Date night: Leonardo walked the red carpet with his mother Irmelin

Smitten: The pair have been dating since May last year, and appear more smitten than ever

Catwalk queen: It's not hard to see what Leonardo first saw in statuesque blonde Toni

Nobody does an award show like Leo. First he takes his mother, so every woman within 100 mile radius is already swooning. Then he wins the best actor award (yawn). Just when you think his night is over, he goes to the after party and starts smooching with his 21 year old supermodel girlfriend. If I didn’t have such a weird obsession with George Clooney I’d say Leonardo DiCaprio is taking over the world. Actually, who am I kidding. Leo IS taking over the world. One award and beautiful supermodel at a time.

– Ryan

H/T Dailymail

Monsterblog Wednesday: Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Celebrities and Halloween: a match made in heaven. Thanks to the internet, we got to see hundreds of celebrities dressed up this year, but we narrowed it down to our favorite ones.

Leonardo ” I Can Dress Like This and Still Get More Girls Than You” DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

This is when you know you have “it”. You dress as whatever the hell this is, and still come off as the coolest guy in the room. I don’t know what look Leo was going for, but I do know I’ll be wearing the exact same thing next year.

– Ryan

Tom “The Cowardly Lion” Brady and Gisele “Hot Dorothy” Bundchen


The ultimate power couple is at it again! Being a die-hard Bucs fan has no advantages, but at least I get to see the home team, and more specifically Tommy here, strut his stuff with his smoking hot wife. They could have dressed as giant fleas and still would have gotten my vote.


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