Social Meda is Ruining Movie Casting

I know it’s tough to read posts without pictures or videos, but bare with me. First it was BatFleck. Now it’s 50 Shades of Grey. Are we going to have to listen to everyone complain about every major casting decision from here on out? I have a stronger opinion on Affleck being cast at Batman only because I know nothing about 50 Shades of Grey, but it seems that a lot of movie fans have strong feelings about both casting decisions. I agree that every fan is entitled to their own opinion, especially when they are going to spend their hard earned money watching these films (except you, pirate’s. I see you.) But can’t we just enjoy the possibility that people who get paid millions of dollars to cast the right people for a role actually know what they’re doing? Does every decision automatically have to be viewed in a negative light? Social media is great is so many ways, but it’s biggest strength, anyone and everyone can voice their opinion, may also be it’s biggest weakness. Not everyone is going to agree with movie casting, but there is a big difference between disagreeing with a choice and saying that the actor sucks. I don’t care about Alice from Albuquerque’s opinion on movies, and I highly doubt she cares about mine, but we’re forced to exist in the same Twitter-verse, so from here on out, lighten up.

– Ryan

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  1. Everyone’s an expert, didn’t you know?

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