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Ben Affleck’s Batman Suit is the Ultimate Hybrid Batman Suit

I kinda dig this Batman suit. Any Batman coming out in 2015 has almost unreachable expecations to live up to, and it all starts with the suit. The body of the suit is much bigger than Christian Bale’s Batman, with enormous arms and even a toned six pack. I think Snyder is trying to make his version of Batman as human as possible, since Batman is probably the most human superhero, at least out of the ones made into movie franchises. Christopher Nolan turned Batman into such a complex character, one with many internal struggles, and it looks like Snyder is following in those footsteps. Batman is pictured in dark lighting, with his head down, clearly not in his happy place. Smoke bellows in the background, possibly from the Batmobile, but its clear that wherever Batman is will soon be cloaked in chaos. My favorite part of the Batman suit is the cap, which seems like a clear ode to the original Batman TV series played by Adam West. It’s nice to see Snyder tip his own cap to some of the retro Batman’s, and it’ll be interesting to see what personal touches he puts on the character and the movie.

– Ryan

The WWE Needs to Get Their Heads Out of Their Asses and Add a 4th Wyatt Family Member

wyatt_family__wallpaper__by_rijulwallpapers-d6sv2ol copy

Bray, Luke and Erik, meet Ben Wyatt, the original Wyatt family member. Parks and Rec/ WWE Monday Night Raw crossover?? Why not? Ben Wyatt is a nerdy accountant, which is the perfect cover for a bearded wrestling psychopath.  He could be the “Spike Dudley” of the Wyatt Family: the runt of the litter type character that gets the shit beat out of him but becomes lovable in the process. It’s a shame Mike Awesome is dead, because Ben Wyatt vs. Mike Awesome could have been one hell of a feud. Somebody get Adam Scott on the phone and run this idea by him. Kind of an integral part of my plan.

– Ryan

Monsterblog Wednesday – If You Had to Watch One Movie For the Rest of Your Life…

A Bronx Tale

While I always go with Clooney in pretty much any hypothetical situation, I had to switch things up for this monster blog. Before Tony Soprano landed on our TV sets, there was Sonny. Sonny was a mobster, and Sonny was cool. A Bronx Tale, for those who haven’t seen it, follows C, a young Bronx boy who has to decide between a life of crime with mobster Sonny or follow in his father’s footsteps and make an honest living. The icing on the cake? Bobby De Niro stars as C’s father, and he directs the movie. Watch this movie and tell me it doesn’t have the greatest soundtrack of all-time. I DARE YOU. Also, it provides us with one of the greatest quotes in movie history: “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent”.

– Ryan



NO question in my mind. This was probably the easiest choice I have ever made. Affleck, Willis, Tyler, Wilson, Duncan (RIP), Thornton, Buscemi, fitchner…and the list goes on! Star studded cast? Check! Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck saving mankind? Check! Romantic love story? Check! Uber emotional ending that I don’t cry at every time? Check! On my death bed i’m going to rip my hospital tag off my wrist and scream “GIVE THIS TO TRUMAN! MAKE SURE TRUMAN GETS THAT!”


What movie would you watch? Comment below!

Social Meda is Ruining Movie Casting

I know it’s tough to read posts without pictures or videos, but bare with me. First it was BatFleck. Now it’s 50 Shades of Grey. Are we going to have to listen to everyone complain about every major casting decision from here on out? I have a stronger opinion on Affleck being cast at Batman only because I know nothing about 50 Shades of Grey, but it seems that a lot of movie fans have strong feelings about both casting decisions. I agree that every fan is entitled to their own opinion, especially when they are going to spend their hard earned money watching these films (except you, pirate’s. I see you.) But can’t we just enjoy the possibility that people who get paid millions of dollars to cast the right people for a role actually know what they’re doing? Does every decision automatically have to be viewed in a negative light? Social media is great is so many ways, but it’s biggest strength, anyone and everyone can voice their opinion, may also be it’s biggest weakness. Not everyone is going to agree with movie casting, but there is a big difference between disagreeing with a choice and saying that the actor sucks. I don’t care about Alice from Albuquerque’s opinion on movies, and I highly doubt she cares about mine, but we’re forced to exist in the same Twitter-verse, so from here on out, lighten up.

– Ryan

Is Ben Affleck A Red Sox Jinx?


Ben Affleck is undoubtedly the man. Oscar winning screenwriter and director. Handsome. Big time Red Sox fan. That’s the trifecta in my book. However, he does have one flaw: he was born on August 15th. Since his oscar winning film Good Will Hunting premiered in 1998, the Boston Red Sox are 0-14 on Affleck’s birthday. 14 losses in a row seems like more than just a coincidence to me. I propose one of two things: either Affleck changes his birthday to sometime in the off season or the Red Sox get a scheduled day off every August 15th. It’s hard enough beating professional athletes, they shouldn’t have to deal with this voodoo witchcraft as well.

– Ryan

P.S. What is with the Red Sox and curses. We finally win a few world series’ and now one of our biggest supporters is a curse? Heresy.

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