Let Jackie Chan’s Safe Sex PSA Whisk You Into The Weekend

If you were looking for a blog that dissects a 2011 HIV/AIDS public service announcement featuring action movie star Jackie Chan & an animated condom, then not only do you have oddly specific taste, but you’ve come to the right place. I was perusing Cracked as I usually do a few times a week when I came across this video, and it was too strange not to share with the world. Here you have Jackie Chan, who reminds everyone at the beginning of the video that he’s an action star, joined by an animated, mobile, TALKING condom.

I’ve always wondered who creates these PSA’s and if I had to guess, the creator of this one is locked away in a mental hospital. I also wonder who their target audience is, because if it’s kids who haven’t had sex yet, they’re going to be in for a fucking shock when they buy condoms that don’t talk and practice karate. If you need a conversation starter at some point this weekend, whip out this post and watch everyone run away in horror.


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