The WWE Network Has Finally Hit That Magical 1 Million Subscribers Number According To The WWE

Two days after many fans were pissed about the Royal Rumble match outcome and #CancelWWENetwork was a trending topic the WWE has announced that they have finally hit 1 million subscribers to the Network. While the WWE is the one who tweeted this out, they are a public company and it’d be tough to lie about this, especially when all their subscriber numbers are open to the public. I’m glad to see that they finally reached 1 million subscribers, and the release of the Network in Canada and the UK definitely helped boost their numbers, and proves that the initial shock reaction to the US numbers was an overreaction considering how many international fans WWE has. It also proves that wrestling fans are insane. I agree that the Rumble match was laid out poorly, but canceling the WWE Network just because “your guy” didn’t win is a very dumb move. If you’re going to cancel the Network, maybe do it after WrestleMania when WWE repeats storylines for 9 months until they build for the next Royal Rumble. Congrats to the WWE!

– Ryan

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