Gareth Edwards Just Put Japan on Notice for Calling Godzilla Fat

Screen Crush writer, Mike Sampson, had the chance to sit down with “Godzilla” director, Gareth Edwards. During the interview a question popped up about Godzilla’s weight, the answer was nothing short of fantastic.

Have you heard any of this “Fat Godzilla” stuff coming out of Japan?

“[Sighs] Yeah… I think it’s probably two people online. It’s comments like that that give giant monsters image complexes. Godzilla’s not fat, he’s big-boned. It’s comments like that that make monsters angry, so maybe Japan will be next.”


OH SHIT! I’m pretty sure Gareth just put the whole island of Japan on watch! How dare some Japanese bloggers call Godzilla fat! That is some hurtful shit. They better pray Gareth Edwards isn’t friends with the real Godzilla, because that would be bad for Japan.


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